Romney Using 4D Chess — Scott Adams

But will have an uphill battle with “The Rock”

Known Hillary supporter Scott Adams has apparently switched his allegiance to Mitt Romney. “I didn’t realize that running such a vapid campaign against Barack Obama was actually a 4D persuasion technique that sets him up as a stealth candidate for 2020.”

“By stealth I mean ‘even more undesirable’ allowing him to fly under the radar.”

Scott Adams coined the idea of 3D chess to mean that Donald Trump was good at staking out a position (the 2D world) but also layering the third dimension of how people viscerally feel about that position and then empathizing with them.

Empathizing, in this context, Scott referred to as “pacing” and then lying about his true intentions he referred to as “leading.” As Casandra Peterson (aka Elvira) has said “I believed that lemmings really jump off of cliffs.” Well, Casandra, it turns out you were right after all!

Adams noted that “Mitt recently kicked off his strategy by announcing that he was more of a hawk on immigration than President Trump.”

My view was these DACA kids shouldn’t all be allowed to stay in the country legally.

“In MItt’s 4D world, shouldn’t all be allowed to stay in the country legally has at least three meanings,” said Adams.

  1. “My view was” tells us nothing about what his view actually is today.
  2. Notice the elegant use of the double negative since shouldn’t be allowed could mean that they should be allowed to stay in the country — illegally.
  3. And then there’s the word “all” which implies that “some” should be allowed to stay in the country legally. Some could be a very big number which might look a lot like “all” except for a few really bad hombres that I think we’d all like to pitch out.

“With these kinds of persuasion skills, Romney will certainly be able to count on the Never Trump crowd who just want all the pain to go away as well as the GOPe who also just want the pain to go away.”

As far as Trump supporters go, Mitt has a job to do convincing them that Trump is somewhat like heroin addiction and that he’s political methadone.

“To win independents,” Adams continued, “I believe Mitt will need to modify his views on marijuana after infamously stating that it makes people stupid. I made my predictions about Trump when I was stoned out of my mind and people only thought I was stupid. It turns out I was smart but in a really stupid way.”

“Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a shoe-in to win the Democrat nomination. After all, there’s at least one of his movies that everyone likes. Personally, I think he showed off his prodigious acting talent in The Tooth Fairy. He has military experience with GI Joe and intelligence experience in Get Smart! (as Agent 23).”

“The big problem Mitt will face is that if The Rock is ever able to look directly into the camera during a debate and flash that smile, it will be all over. Sexy wins over ‘rich guy good looks’ every time.”

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