Watch As Rockledge High School Students Support The Second Amendment

Dozens of students at Rockledge High School in Florida walked out of class on Friday.

File this under news you probably missed because of a near total Mainstream Media blackout on anything that doesn’t fit the Leftist gun control narrative.

Dozens of students at Rockledge High School in Florida walked out of class on Friday. These ultra-woke teens weren’t marching in support of common sense gun laws, however. Nor was there a single student in favor of any of the extreme gun control laws that David Hogg and company have been calling for since even before the bodies of their dead classmates had cooled.

No, the students of Rockledge High School were marching in support of the Second Amendment:

The media and the Left keep trying to tell us that the children are fed up with guns and the Second Amendment. These kids are sick and tired of dying at the hands of crazed killers who have been literally handed weapons of war for free by the evil, devious NRA. Never mind the fact that they spend over eight hours every day in what amounts to government mandated shooting galleries (ie, gun-free zones). The guns are the problem, and the children are the ones who are screaming at us to abolish guns and the Second Amendment.

When they can remember their lines, that is:

If one were to look at the opinions of high school students nationally, however, I imagine you would find a fairly diverse cross-section of opinions. Certainly, you’ll find the students who are rabid leftists and want to literally pry the guns from your cold, dead hands. You’ll also find students who are extremely pro-Second Amendment, students who favor a few restrictions that are combined with improvements in school safety, as well as students who just don’t care.

rockledge high school tide pods
I wonder which category these geniuses fall under?

You won’t find the Mainstream Media presenting a balanced view of the current gun control movement, of course. The media and the Left (but I repeat myself) is only interested in using children to push the narrative they want in order to gain power over the citizens of the United States of America. That’s why protests such as the one at Rockledge High School will go largely unnoticed by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and others. We can’t have anyone thinking about the issues and deciding for themselves. They might start to question the current Leftist narrative.

rockledge high school tide pods 2
Best to just keep calm and have a snack…

I have to give credit to the Rockledge High School administration. They could have silenced these kids, kept them in their classrooms, and suspended anyone who walked out. Instead, Rockledge High School took the high road and allowed their students that were opposed to gun control to speak out. This is how the free market of ideas works. Don’t like what someone says? Fine. Tell everyone why your opponent is wrong instead of shouting them down and censoring them.

Perhaps there is hope for the future after all?

rockledge high school tide pods 3
You know, figuratively speaking…


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