Rebellion Grows in California Against Sanctuary City Movement

More and more towns and cities in California are getting fed up with the deranged left’s sanctuary city policies:

City leaders voted Wednesday night to support the federal lawsuit against California’s sanctuary laws.

The Escondido City Council voted 4-1in favor of backing the litigation.

In response to the discussion, immigrant communities in Escondido believe their leaders are out of touch.

“What’s being discussed inside chambers is not representative of the values in my community,” said Lilian Serrano.

Escondido Mayor Sam Abed, on the other hand, believes coordination with local authorities and ICE is critical to keeping Escondido safe. He believes that California’s sanctuary laws place citizens in danger.

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The growing list of cities fighting back against California: ✔️Aliso Viejo ✔️Escondido ✔️Los Alamitos ✔️Mission Viejo ✔️Fountain Valley ✔️Huntington Beach Contact your city council today & demand a vote to join the lawsuit against California. ✊️ #ThursdayThoughts


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