Puerto Rico Had Another Giant Blackout

Given the stories about PREPA that have come out in the past six months, this story doesn’t surprise me in the least. The bottom line is Puerto Rico is bankrupt and has a totally corrupt government which has zero interest in fixing anything, and would rather just steal all the aid dollars.

Unless the US government institutes direct rule from DC, this is going to keep happening:

Power was restored across the island of Puerto Rico on Thursday afternoon — a day after an islandwide blackout crippled the U.S. territory seven months after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority said on Twitter Thursday afternoon that electricity was restored to all of its customers who had power before the failure. The power authority said that in all, 97 percent of its customers had their power restored.

Geraldo Quiñones López, a spokesman for the power authority, told NBC News earlier Thursday that the electrical system was stabilizing.

“What’s happening is that the places where there are more clients who remain without power were the areas most impacted, damaged by the hurricane,” he said.

Justo González, an executive deputy director of the power authority, said Wednesday that the blackout was caused by a private contractor whose bulldozer downed a transmission line while trying to remove a collapsed tower.

The latest blackout came just one week after 840,000 customers were left without power after a tree fell on another power line in the center of the island. A backup line that was supposed to prevent such an outage also failed.


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