Liberals Getting Excited About Knife Control

Despite the ban on guns in the UK, it somehow hasn’t ended violence and murder, so now the central planners want to ban knives. Naturally, dumb US liberals are getting really excited about this:

The knife control craze seems set to cross the Atlantic. A mother who lost her son in a vicious knife attack went to the Texas capital of Austin to lobby Governor Greg Abbott for more restrictions on bladed weapons. As with gun control, she seems focused more on restricting access to the weapon the murderer used than on enabling victims to defend themselves.

“Bottom line: It should have never happened that day. It should not have happened. [White] should have not been allowed to have an illegal knife on him and use it to murder somebody,” Lori Brown, the mother of University of Texas at Austin student Harrison Brown, told KXAN News. Her son died in a stabbing attack on campus in May 2017, and she has decided to channel her grief into restricting the type of knife used to kill him.

Rathner added that law enforcement groups told him it is far more likely for a crime to be committed with a kitchen knife than any other knife type. “So, unless we are prepared to heavily regulate kitchen knives, then we are not going to have any effect on crime.”

The gun control debate enjoys a powerful advantage over knife control in that while firearms are used for hunting and other forms of recreation as well as self-defense, guns are only used for a limited range of activities. Knives, however, prove essential not just for self-defense, but also in cooking, eating, whittling, and many professions seemingly not knife-related, like moving and bar-tending.

There are many “excuses” to carry a knife, and expanded access to knives may actually equip people to protect themselves.

Conservatives often mocked gun control activists, suggesting that after they outlaw guns, they would come after knives, and then perhaps even pencils. As with many slippery-slope arguments, the Left seems bent on making the Right’s worst fears into a “progressive” reality.


Written by Doomberg

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