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How Trump Cured Global Warming

Well, actually Trump didn’t cure it, Al Gore did.

Read about The Al Gore Effect in this post from the Powerline blog boyz:

 When the organizers of the Minnesota March For Science planned their event for April 14, featuring an alarmist weatherman as a speaker, they no doubt thought they were beyond the risk of the Al Gore Effect. They were wrong.


Where I live in the Twin Cities suburbs, snow has been falling heavily for quite a while, and conditions are approaching white-out. Blizzard warnings have been issued, and the forecast is for up to a foot and a half of snow.


This the biggest April snowfall on record in the Twin Cities, and 2018 already ranks in the top 20 years for the latest date on which the temperature first reached 60 degrees. The record is held by 1874, when the thermometer didn’t hit 60 until April 29. I don’t think we will break that record, but 2018 will undoubtedly rank in the top 10 years for latest 60 degree date.

There is no reason even to try to avoid schadenfreude when the Al Gore Effect strikes. Mostly, it’s just fun, and the alarmists richly deserve it.

There’s a fighin’ chance a lotta lakes will still be iced over for the fishing opener in a few weeks:

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton shouldn’t need an auger on his May 12 Fishing Opener on Green Lake in Kandiyohi County. The latest ice-out ever on that 5,500-acre west-central Minnesota gem was May 8.

But anglers hoping to begin their 2018 open-water fishing season in northern Minnesota might want to keep their winter gear handy, especially after a week like the last.

The question now, a mere five weeks from Opening Day: Will ice remain on some of those lakes when walleyes and other game fish become legal fare the second Saturday of May?

Thank Gawd for Global Warming!


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