How Bill Mitchell and Crew Learned to Love the Bomb

And why you have to as well, or else you’re a Commie Hillary Supporter.

neoconservatives 10d Chess Syria
Bill Mitchell valiantly leads on his followers to victory!

When you have the top neoconservative cucks in the Republican party aligning themselves with the 10-D Chess leadership, we have a problem. There has been another round of excommunications of the non-believers by the 10D chess personalities on social media, who are now gushing out of all pores their masturbatory war fantasies.

Now, I say this as someone who has no real concern over Syria. I also recognize the benefits of showing the resolve of the United States against the bad actors of the world. Apart from that, I really could not care less about that conflict at this point in time. Trump had his reasons, and voters will judge him on those reasons come November, when they decide if they want impeachment as the legislative agenda or if they prefer two more years of Republican rule.

But these self-righteous freaks who have decided that 100% loyalty to Trump at all times is required or you are the enemy need to be forcibly checked into psychiatric care. This is how cults behave, not rational individuals. The arguing from authority, the appeals to the crowd, the rationalizations after the fact, etc. do not make for very persuasive, logical arguments. They are emotional appeals designed to shut down dissent.

Here is one prominent 10D Chess Twitter E-Celeb:

Stonewall Jackson on Twitter

Trump bombs Syria, along with France and England. Before you get upset, just remember that you do not have security clearance and you don’t know 99% of what he knows. Don’t pretend to be a military strategist, you don’t know what you’re talking about, you can’t possibly

The excommunication squads are on high alert:

Lori Hendry on Twitter

Holy shit this airstrike is bringing out the dumbass in people! You’re not the president, you don’t get to make the decisions. Shut the hell up and support our troops and our country!

No guys, you would be a voter. Holy crap the brain bleach has clearly gotten to 10-D Chess Queen Bill Mitchell and friends. Likely fatal.

Ginger McQueen on Twitter

Donald Trump could bang three Russian porn stars on top of one of the missiles that he’s sending to Syria and I’d still defend him to my last breath. Siria Brian Williams Bill Maher

… um ok.

Next up, Twitter E-Celeb Trump fanatic #1,324,100

GOP Establishment and liberal “tea party” cuck Rep. Adam Kinzinger backs this attack 100%.

Fox News on Twitter

@RepKinzinger: “The reason ISIS exists, right now, is because of Bashar al-Assad’s brutality. Bashar al-Assad creates generations of terrorists.”

Bill Mitchell on Twitter

He’s talking about Obama here. Of course Obama needed Congressional approval – he was a boob.

Dictatorship FTW!

And finally, no day shall be complete without the daily required reading from the Bill Mitchell book of rationalizations:

Bill Mitchell on Twitter

If #Sessions had not recused himself and Mueller never happened, #Russiagate would have hung over Trump’s head for 8 years. Now, if the rumors are true and Mueller is done, it’s over forever.

If we lose in 2018, people like Bill Mitchell will tell us how great it was that we lost and how impeachment will be amazing for Trump.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.


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