Guest Post — I Can’t Spare Her, She Fights

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their prayers, their well-wishes, words of encouragement, their concerns, and a couple chicken sacrifices.  Its never fun to see a child in a world of hurt as many here have likely experienced.  It focuses ones’ mind on what’s important in life besides the wailing of your enemies’ women and the bones of your enemy scattered about you.

This sickness has really focused my mind on what the future could hold if the far left wrests power from the “republicans” for whatever reason: Blue Wave, Receding Red Tide, apathy, can’t vote for cucks, etc… This is my personal view from my personal experience and circumstances. Others may vary.

As I am sitting here looking at my daughter in the bed slowly trying to get better, my mind goes back to 2012 when Sarah Palin brought up the “death panels” inherent in Obamacare. If the Democrats take over, the care for my daughter would be in jeopardy.

You see, she is a “non-productive” person who drains a lot of money from the coffers. To boot, she has Down Syndrome, a condition the Democrats want to eradicate from the face of the Earth via abortion. Since she escaped that, they will have to come up with another way to solve the disabled “problem.”

There is no doubt in my mind they would love to simply let her die. In their kindness, they may offer pain medications until she passed away, although Democrats would likely rather use that money for clean needles for heroin addicts or for transsexual surgeries. They would love to deny people like her, older people who have outlived their usefulness, or just any undesirable, the ability to get the care they need to survive.

I cannot knowingly allow my slothfulness or personal animosity towards cucks like McConnell and others to take an action that just might literally kill my daughter. Something else is much bigger than my feelings towards the Republican party, and she is lying in a bed fighting off illness that wanted to take her life.

I will fight for a non-cuck in the Primary, hoping to get a more conservative candidate than the rubbish we currently have.  But if a cuck wins out, I will just think of my little angel, vote them in, and write “encouraging” memos and letters to do what I can to keep the cucketry to a minimum.

I know a liberal would love to take her life away.  A cuck, not so much. My desires for BTBD still remain in my mind, but my heart tells me to think of my daughter. She needs her daddy.

She fights because it’s what she knows how to do. She doesn’t know any other way.  She may tire out but she’s going to fight. The only way she backs down is if she exhausts herself where she simply can’t do it.  She doesn’t give up, so I can’t either.  If I give up, she will pay the price first.

The ambrosia I must drink.  Again, this is my circumstance, my viewpoint. I can’t spare her. She fights.

And Sparta Report is a great place. We argue about things, call each other names, make fun of each other, and make our feelings known, but family does that, doesn’t it? Strangers saying prayers for someone else. Feeling someone else’s pain and anxiety. Words of encouragement when times are bad.


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