Goldman Sachs: Get Ready for an AMLO Presidency in Mexico


Some readers may recall I’ve been anxious over the prospect of an Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) presidency in Mexico. AMLO has been famously compared to leftist icon Hugo Chavez, who single-handedly reduced Venezuela from one of the wealthiest and most prosperous societies in the Western Hemisphere to the Somalia of South America.

Is AMLO the kind of guy we want in charge of our already-dysfunctional neighbor?

Multinational finance company Goldman Sachs has predicted that Andrés Manuel López Obrador will most likely win the July 1 presidential election.

In a March 23 report entitled “Mexico: Facing 100 Days of Uncertainty and Potential Drama,” the company said that “AMLO’s significant early lead may not be easy to undo in the 100 days until election day, barring a major campaign mistake and/or very poor performance in the three scheduled debates.”

The candidate for the “Together We Will Make History” coalition polled 42% in a recent survey conducted by the newspaper El Financiero, an 18-point advantage over his nearest rival.

In total, the report cited five polls released in March and concluded that “AMLO’s lead seems to be widening and becoming entrenched.”

The leader of the leftist National Regeneration Movement (Morena) “is attracting previously disengaged voters and his support base is extending beyond his original, natural political turf,” it said.

The elections “will likely change the overall balance of political power,” it said, “and could also herald a shift from the hitherto investment-friendly and conventional policy mix towards a potentially more inward-looking, heterodox, state-centered interventionist platform.”


Written by Doomberg

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