Glenn Beck Selling His Private Jet as His Media Empire Crumbles

Gotta get me some of Glenn Beck's sweet, orange Cheetos money...

Glenn Beck is reportedly downsizing his assets as his media empire dwindles, posting his private jet for sale for an undisclosed amount on a site that sells used aircraft.

The Daily Beast reported that Beck listed his 1966 DC9-15 aircraft–which he purchased for $1 million in 2015–for sale on Controller, a online retailer for used aircraft.

The jet’s registration number listed on the website, N8860, is the same Federal Aviation Administration registration number given to a jet belonging to Mercury Radio Arts—Beck’s radio production company.

The 12-passenger luxury jet includes a convection oven, bar with marble countertops, and a fold-out table in the dining area.

Mercury Radio Arts purchased the jet in 2015 for $1 million from right-wing billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife. Even though Beck’s conservative media empire struggled financially, he held onto the jet.

In April 2016, not too long after Beck purchased the jet, he laid off 40 staffers from his news site the Blaze to “satisfy the requirements of a multi-million-dollar bank loan” Beck took out to keep his struggling media enterprise afloat.

A report from October 2016 noted that the Blaze’s editorial department dropped from 25 employees to six employees during the height of election season.

The woes for the Blaze continued when Beck laid off 30 percent of the Blaze’s staff in September 2017—although he managed to keep his personal chef on the payroll.


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