Father Of Nasim Aghdam Warned Police She Hated Youtube

This is just one more wrinkle added to an already bizarre case.

nasim aghdam

Information about who YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam is and why she wounded four people before taking her own life is very slowly starting to come out. One interesting bit of information is the fact that Nasim Aghdam’s father claims he warned police that she had a grudge against YouTube, and was afraid of what she might do.

CBS This Morning has the story:

The next obvious question is what did police do with the information provided by Aghdam’s father? Obviously, she was never arrested or confined based on her father’s fears, as she was able to execute her bloody rampage at YouTube’s San Bruno headquarters later that day.

California, like many states, does have laws that allow for involuntary committal. Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code does allow a police officer to detain anyone suspected of being a danger to themselves or others. Why was it not invoked in Aghdam’s case?

This is just one more wrinkle added to an already bizarre case.


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