Donald Trump Taunts Russia, Calls Assad A Gas Killing Animal

One does have to question President Trump’s strategy with regard to Syria.

gas killing animal syria

President Trump taunted Russia in a tweet this morning, warning the Kremlin that “nice and new and ‘smart'” missiles would be coming for Syria. Trump also chided Russia for being partners with a “gas killing animal” in a clear reference to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Trump’s stern message to Russia managed to trigger the Left and sent them into a fit of collective apoplexy.

Oh, my. I wonder if the Secret Service would be interested in a tweet like that?

Ah yes, “dotard.” The Left’s favorite insult handed to them by a brutal dictator whose country can’t even claim third world status. A word which not one member of the Left had to look up in a dictionary to figure out what it meant.

Are you saying that’s what President Trump should say in a tweet? Or are you claiming that you yourself are a “gas killing animal?” Very confusing. Low energy. Sad.



Emperor. It’s “oh my God Emperor.” That’s okay, it’s a common mistake. I’ll forgive you this time.

Judging by your profile and timeline I’m guessing you are a prolific consumer of soy lattes, tofu, and all soy products in general. If that’s the case I really wouldn’t worry too much about how much time you have left on this earth. You might want to consider getting yourself a mammogram.

One does have to question President Trump’s strategy with regard to Syria. Telegraphing exactly what you’re going to do and taunting your enemy doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Until one realizes two things.

First, this is the exact same strategy that Trump followed with North Korea. America was treated to months of stern, threatening tweets from The Donald. Each one was supposed to be the one that raised Kim’s ire enough to press that big red button that would nuke the United States into oblivion. A country that relies on charcoal-powered cars was supposed to have the nuclear capabilities to completely destroy America with a tactical nuclear strike.

gas killing animal nk
The pinnacle of North Korean technology…

The threatening tweets seem to have worked, however. Kim Jong Un appears to have backed off of his brinksmanship and is willing to come to the negotiating table. There’s even talk of North Korea being willing to part with its precious nuclear program.

Second, there are serious questions as to whether or not Assad really was responsible for last week’s chemical attack. Perhaps Donald Trump is aware of this, and his tweets are merely theater to satisfy the neo-cons and globalists in his administration. Tweeting his intentions might be a signal to the Russians and Assad that he knows they aren’t actually responsible for the chemical attack. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that Trump may be warning them in order to minimize unnecessary casualties in an airstrike.

Regardless of the intentions behind the tweet, Trump has made it abundantly clear that he will respond to the chemical attack in some manner. I predicted the other day that we would see Trump smack Syria with an air strike. Trump’s tweet today seems to indicate that theory is accurate.

I think we’re going to see exactly what we saw the last time Trump hit Syria-a big, flashy air strike that sends a message without doing much in the way of actual damage. Will this response satisfy the globalists and neo-cons?

We shall see.


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