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Did One in Ten Americans Delete Their Facebook Accounts After Scandal?

There’s no way to know whether these people are telling the truth, but I’m sure some people in Silicon Valley are going to be pretty unhappy after reading this news:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in his testimony this week in Washington that there was not a “meaningful” number of people who had deleted their Facebook account following revelations that data firms were able to steal personal information from millions of users.

At the same time, the hashtag “#DeleteFacebook” has trended following the Cambridge Analytica, and you may even personally know people who zapped their Facebook account.

So Carolina Milanesi and the technology research group Techpinions decided to survey 1,000 Americans, representative of the country in age and gender, about their feelings regarding the social-networking giant.

9% reported deleting their Facebook account altogether.

Of course, there may be a gap between people who say they deleted their Facebook and those who actually did. And Americans account for only a fraction of Facebook’s user base.

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