Democrats Insist There is a “Mountain of Evidence” on Russian Collusion

In an obvious and feeble attempt to revive the Russian collusion narrative, the Democrats have sued basically everyone they don’t like for “conspiring” to deny Hillary her rightful presidency.

This lawsuit doesn’t pass the laugh test. Are the Democrats claiming they have more evidence and information against Trump than Robert Mueller does? The same Mueller who has found zero evidence of collusion despite being vested with extraordinary powers by the DC political establishment?

I’d say the Democrats should be embarrassed, but dumb liberals will eagerly buy into this garbage:

Perez said, “We did our homework. A year ago people said file a lawsuit then, and I didn’t do so because I believe in doing the homework. We have seen a mountain of evidence of collusion between the campaign and the Russians to basically affect our democracy. And so we did our homework, and we brought our civil case.”

He added, “I think they have failed to impose sufficient costs on Russia for this dramatic and reckless and unprecedented hack because this administration is compromised. I want to make sure we send a very clear signal.”


Written by Doomberg

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