UPDATE Trump to Bomb Chemical Weapons Facilities of Assad:

Earlier reports that the strikes were against ISIS targets, but the Trump administration just stated that the strikes will be against Syrian government assets and military targets.

Secretary of Defense Mattis is live answering questions:

Source may be unreliable, but they are reporting that the United States may be bombing the Islamic state targets in eastern Syria.

Earlier today, the White House had a “dinner lid” declared until about 40 minutes ago.

Steve Herman, the White House Bureau Chief for Voice of America news, stated that the “lid” was a “bit unusual” because there was no event listed on the President Trump’s schedule. He speculated that it could mean a “big announcement tonight,” but also said it may not be significant.

President Trump remains within the United States after canceling his trip to the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru due to anticipated extended military action in Syria. Vice President Pence is attending in his absence.

Donald Trump will deliver a statement tonight on Syria, according to BBC’s North America editor Jon Sopel:

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