BREAKING: Toronto Van Strikes Multiple People

According to Toronto police, a white van struck numerous people in Toronto.

The incident happened at the busy intersection of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue, according to the Toronto Police Service. Initial estimates suggest eight to ten people were struck.

The extent of injuries is unknown and ambulances are on the scene.

Photos posted online show multiple individuals on the ground.


UPDATE – Over, Criminal Has been apprehended

Suspect has been caught:

Michel Boyer on Twitter

After multiple pedestrians plowed down on Toronto sidewalk, driver gets out holding what appears to be a gun. Police arrest him. No shots fired.

BCvanguard on Twitter

ALEK MINASSIAN named by CBS as #torontoattack suspect:


Live Stream from Right Side Broadcasting

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a few others familiar with the incident are supposed to be speaking shortly. The Prime Minister said this on his Twitter account moments ago:

Justin Trudeau on Twitter

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the terrible incident at Yonge and Finch in Toronto. Thank you to the first responders working at the scene – we’re monitoring the situation closely.

Van Plows into Pedestrians in Toronto – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

A white van plowed into a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto just minutes ago, inuring 8 to 10 people. No word yet on whether this was intentional and/or a van terror attack. We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of the van striking pedestrians in Toronto.


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