Baghdad Blues #11

 Arnaud Beltrane, Archduke Ferdinand and the Beginning of the End of Islam

I am very often, of late, vexed by the fact that people – in general – seem to simply gloss over important events in the world, or forget them, quickly. Such is the case with a French Gentleman and police officer, Arnaud Beltrane, who offered up his life in exchange for a hostage held by yet another Islamo Fascist, in France, recently.

I immediately thought of the assassination of Ferdinand, which is often cited by historians as the singular event that began the Great War. It is not silly to note that the shooting of the Archduke was a direct result of a wrong turn by his driver. This seemingly inconsequential detail is often forgotten by students of history – or is passed over as merely a footnote to events of a bygone era.

In the same way, I believe that society will, for now, at least, forget Mssr. Beltrane.

Perhaps, in the future, as well, his name will be largely forgotten, much the same as the shooter that ended the Archduke’s life. But that is not to say that Arnaud’s supreme act of sacrifice will not have had an equally profound effect on the subject of Islamization of Europe (and elsewhere) as Gavrilo Princip had on the future of Europe, and the world at large.

You see, in recent days, the French (in astounding poll numbers – 83%) have decided that enough is enough and are demanding that Mozlems be deported. That’s right – deported!

From Breitbart:

“Breitbart London has previously reported on the nature of Salafism, which contains many radical preachers who see violence as legitimate in pursuance of its aims and which provides the intellectual basis for the Islamic State. A regional director of Germany’s constitutional police said of the faith in 2017 that “every jihadist terrorist we’ve seen in Europe in recent years came from the Salafist scene”.

In addition to banning the radical interpretation of Islam, a majority of French surveyed also supported deporting terrorists, too. Le Figaro reports 83 per cent supported deporting foreigners on French soil who have so-called ‘S’ (security) case files on them held by the security services — the French term demonstrating that an individual is considered a potentially dangerous radical by the French state.”

So, it seems that what was required, after all, was a completely selfless act by a French Police officer, to bring the French to their senses and begin to, at least, get the so-called “radical” Mozlem scum out of their midst. It may seem counter-intuitive (and it probably is), but the assassin of Archduke Ferdinand knew that he might very well give up his life almost instantly, as did Beltrane, but instead, (ironically), he died in prison of tuberculosis, years after the killing of Archduke Ferdinand.

In conclusion, I have the strangest, gut feeling that Mr. Beltrane will go down in history as the one man who turned the Islamic tide in France.

Let’s hope so.


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