After Sonic Attacks, US Embassy in Cuba Down to a Skeleton Crew

Barack Obama’s reopening of diplomatic relations with Cuba was hailed as one of his great diplomatic breakthroughs. Naturally, like much of Obama’s other foreign policy “accomplishments,” it fell apart pretty quickly when the Cuban government used US diplomats as targets for what seems to have been sonic attacks.

The Cuban government denied being responsible for the attacks and there were questions as to how these attacks even occurred, as the State Department has not been able to identify the weapons used… or if they have, they aren’t talking. It’s possible that a country such as Russia collaborated with the Cubans to test a new weapon or device, since Cuba itself is dirt poor and would have difficulty deploying such a sophisticated device.

It’s important to note that while anti-Russian hysteria in the country is off the charts because liberals are very butthurt about Putin embarrassing Obama in Syria several years ago, there is a good reason we have such bad relations with them.

Regardless, while the Cubans haven’t been formally accused, the government clearly believes they were involved with, if not behind the attacks. Now the embassy staff is down to a skeleton crew of just ten people:

An embassy roster, which was updated on March 22 on the State Department’s website, lists no political or economic officers and a total of only 10 diplomats, including Chargé d’affaires Philip S. Goldberg, the chief of mission in the absence of an ambassador. There are no public affairs or cultural officers listed either.

Most of the jobs that remain after the United States reduced personnel levels in response to mysterious incidents affecting the health of its diplomats deal with maintenance, security or the internal functioning of the embassy that sits along Havana’s seaside Malecón.

On March 2, the State Department announced that for the indefinite future it would staff the Havana embassy at the minimum level “necessary to perform core diplomatic and consular functions.”

When the temporary status expired in March, a new permanent staffing plan was put in place that kept personnel levels at a minimum and didn’t allow family members to accompany diplomats to the Havana post.

Now just a single consular officer, Consul General Brendan Mullarkey, is listed on the embassy roster.

Trump should bring an end to this farce and just shut the whole thing down. The Cubans will never be our friends no matter how much dumb liberals and the far left kiss up to them, and to be honest, we shouldn’t be trying to make “friends” with brutal, violent, repressive regimes like this.


Written by Doomberg

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