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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #73 – Something Confirmed For Smash Edition

What Are We Playing This Week?

I’ve still been fairly busy with work so didn’t get much time to play. I did play some Spleunker Party on the Switch with my daughter but that was pretty much it. Sold a pinball and air hockey table that I had been trying to get rid of but in having to deliver them to the home, that wasn’t exactly “fun”. How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Remember Zoltar Fortune Teller Machines? They Still Make Them.

Game Completes A NO HIT Run On The Dark Souls Trilogy – Bravo, man

Mario Tennis Aces Extended Trailer (Switch)

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Launches May 18th

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Trailer (Switch)

The Weird Blazblue Rhythm Game (Switch)

AMD FreeSync Support Coming To Xbox One

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Launches March 27th

Looking For A Realistic Motorcycle Racer? Check out TT Isle Of Man (PS4, XB1; PC coming Mar. 27th)

CoD: Black Ops 4 Gets A Teaser

64 Square KM Of Robotic Blasting Mayhem Coming To Steam Early Access In Two Weeks

StepmaniaX Headed To Arcades This Summer

Video Games ‘N Violence (In Case You Missed It)


A Nintendo Direct Loaded With Announcements – You have probably heard the HYPE aobout the end of this trailer in regards to Super Smash Bros. but otherwise it’s still a solid Direct with plenty of announcements. Crash Bandicoot coming to a Nintendo platform for the first time was a surprise. I am not really into Smash Bros myself (more into Street Fighter, if I had to pick a fighting game) but the gaming world always lights itself on fire when Nintendo announces a new one. One question I have though – can JoyCons really handle a game like Smash Bros? They haven’t held up the best over time on non-button masher games so I cringe to think of how they will fare on SSB.

Oculus Bricked – I’m sure you heard about the security certificate problem that ended up causing Oculus Rift units to stop working this past week. This article papers over the fact that part of the issue is that Oculus could not roll out the update remotely and it has to be applied manually by users. At the very least it is a relatively simple issue that has a fix.

Planet Alpha By Team 17 Unveiled (PC/PS4/SW/XB1) – I’m happy to see Team 17 doing something that isn’t Worms for a change. If you like purty platforming games, this might be up your alley:

Homebrew Of The Week: Barbarian (Atari Jaguar, Sega Dreamcast) – I missed out on experiencing Barbarian back in the day but if you enjoyed this medieval/fantasy themed 1v1 fighting game and want to play it on a slightly more modern console than what it was originally released for, then the chance will come soon. Here’s the trailer for the Dreamcast version, just prep for the silly “cultural diversity” line near the end:

Technology Headlines

The FBI Hearts The Geek Squad And Vice Versa

Where’d My TV Go? New 4K Samsung TVs To Introduce “Ambient Mode” To Blend Into Surroundings

Breakthrough In Haptic Touch Could Mean Less Of A Power Drain On Phones

The Cryptocurrency Mining…Heater – The design reminds me of the vaporware AtariBox, sort of

Google’s New Quantum Computer Aims For Quantum Supremacy – Cuz They Don’t Be Evil ‘N Stuff

FCC Targets A California Start-up For Unauthorized Satellite Launches

A Smartphone Sensor To Check Your Blood Pressure

Foxconn Looking To Raise Some Serious Cash

Dropbox Also Raising Da Monies

University Of Maryland Develops A Nanowood Insulator

Another Useful Idiot Clamors For Big Tech & Big Gov To Stop “Hate Speech”

Related To The Above: Twitter Censoring Drudge’s Tweets

Uber Does Teh Racist Virtue Signaling

Microsoft Works To Put A Computer Recycler Who Almost Provided Windows Recovery Disks In Prison


Solsource – Cookin’ With The Sun – It’s a solar grill but the company has also been developing a new solar battery technology. I don’t have something about that here but if you’re interested in the grill that only needs the sun, check this out:

Mini Vinyl Discs – For hipsters into cutesy things:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Cyclone World – NASA’s Juno probe continues to reveal fascinating data about our system’s largest planet. Using infrared data, it has been able to find out details about the planet’s jet streams and give us this incredible look at the North Pole. Cyclones abound with eight cyclones surrounding the central one at the pole. Read more about it here.

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