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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #72 – Hurried Up Edition

This week’s thread is not going to be as detailed as they usually are as I have been traveling this week and have had to focus on the fallout after that (making videos and such)

What Are We Playing This Week?

I mostly enjoyed new, unreleased arcade games such as Transformers Shadows Rising, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tomb Raider Arcade. The Mrs. went with me and tried some things too; I also got to add a feather in my cap by staying at Trump International Hotel Vegas. It was quite nice if I do say so myself 😉 You can read about the upcoming arcade releases here. 

What have you been playing?

Gaming Headlines

The Nintendo Switch Reaches The Ripe Ol’ Age Of 1

Sega Done Gone Screwed Up On The Yakuza 6 Demo On PS4

New Info For Attack On Titan 2 (PC/PS4/SW/XB1)

Gee, What A Surprise. Atari’s Night Driver Reboot Is “Not A Good Game”, “Gets Boring Very Quickly”

Use A PS4 Dual Shock On Your Nintendo Switch

Ben Heck Tears Down A Sega Saturn

15th Century Sailing/Exploration Game Neo Atlas 1469 Coming To Switch

Far Cry 5 Manages To Trigger GAMESPOT Snowflakes – NSFW ads in link

Record Of Grancrest War Tactical RPG Announced For PS4

Urban Trial Playground Announced For Switch

Says The Nazi Who Pushed Game Sites To Loudly Proclaim GAMERS ARE DEAD + Posted Tweets Saying Games Shouldn’t Be Violent


More Info On The New Detective Pikachu – If you’re into that sort of game:

Memories Of Mars WIP Footage (PC) – Since a few of you are into space/sci-fi games, this might be up your alley. This is a soon-to-be released FPS survival game set on a future Mars:

Ion Maiden – An FPS That Uses The Ol’ Duke 3D Engine – Yep, that’s right. Instead of pretending to be “retro” by just giving the game an aesthetic of the 90s, this upcoming FPS by Voidpoint limits itself by using an engine from the era. Yes, there are modifications so that it runs on modern rigs and at 1080p60FPS. But as you can see from the trailer, it seems to nail the environements and look of a game from the late 90s. This is on Steam Early Access now. Via Oneangrygamer


Technology Headlines

YouTube Continues Their ConservaPurge, Takes On Infowars – Love or hate IW, I imagine this censorship will backfire on YT

Putin Makes Bold (But Unverified) Claims About The Size Of His Nuclear Reactors

Want More Steampunk In Your Keyboard? Check Out The Retro Classic By Azio

Germany Continues Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Now Car Manufacturers Are Firing Booth Babes As They Bow At The Feminazi Altar

Cryptocurrency Mining Has Certainly Been Good To AMD

The Sleezes At Equifax Just Happen To Find More Breached Info On Customers


The Lens-Free Flourescent Microscope – Mainly for biological purposes but who said you need a lens for observations? 😛

Not much to show this week so here’s some cool transforming furniture items that save on space while being usable:

Space Pr0N Of The Week: M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy – I may not have had enough time to scour the interwebs for tech news like usual but I always have time for some space pr0n. Here’s a photogenic galactic neighbor of ours, the Whirlpool Galaxy & companion. These are a mere 31 million light-years away and are not difficult to find with the right kind (i.e., big enough) of telescope:

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