Top 9 Reasons Why Evolution is a Scam – From a Laser Physicist

There really are only two worldviews on origins. It’s either evolution or creation. Take your pick. They are mutually incompatible. Even strident evolutionists recognize this – and, therefore, focus their animosity against those “backward, unscientific creationists.”

Well, let’s consider just who is being unscientific on the subject of origins. Here’s a “Top 10” list of reasons – entirely from secular thinking – why evolution is contrary to logical and “scientific” reasoning and, therefore, demands enormous faith. In subsequent articles, we’ll expand each point in some detail. For now we’ll construct a simple list for the sake of quick reference.


The molecules crucial to life are so enormously complex that it is impossible for them to arise by chance.

Example: A single ordinary protein molecule could not have formed even in the “billions of years” evolutionists claim are available.

The simplest conceivable cell – the smallest possible self-replicating organism – is immeasurably more complex than the most sophisticated designs of human science and engineering. Example: There are about 500 different perfectly regulated chemical reactions associated just with metabolism.

Mutations Are Almost Always Harmful

Mutations destroy genetic information. Natural selection destroys genetic information. There is no evidence that the opposite occurs – which must happen for evolution to graduate from fantasy to speculation.

Example: The DNA replication process includes proofreading to keep error rates at less than 1 in 10 billion. Errors that do occur are almost always harmful and never increase complexity.

Genetic Differences are too Great, even on Long Timescales

The genetic differences between species are so awesome that there isn’t enough time for them to occur, according to evolutionists’ calculations – even if evolution’s foundations were valid. Example: The alleged several million years of human evolution allows time enough for “only” about a thousand mutations. But there are tens of millions of genetic differences between humans and their “closest relatives” — chimpanzees.

Fossil Records Don’t Show Incremental Changes or Mutations

The gaps in the fossil record are huge and systematic. This is evidence against incremental – mutation and natural selection – evolution.

There is no postulated mechanism for creatures to evolve over these chasms.

Example: The most “ancient” rocks (Cambrian) exhibit billions of fully-formed, complex, invertebrates with no trace of their supposed evolutionary precursors.

No System Within Complex Life Has been modeled to exist in a cruder state

Life exhibits an abundance of irreducibly complex systems. The scientific literature is empty of any quantitative model that allows for an evolutionary origin for any living system or subsystem. Example: The cilium used by some cells for locomotion is a complex, self-contained motor using over 200 different proteins for structure and operation. No one has ever conceived how a cruder version (evolutionary precursor) could even work.


The sophistication of living design at the organ and at the organism levels: A detailed look at specialized organs and optimally designed creatures boggles the mind at the brilliance of the Creator – involving a smaller leap of faith than assuming “design” by random mutation and natural selection.

Example: The sonar systems of bats and dolphins are far more sophisticated than any man has built.

Evolution Refuses the Criterion of Falsifiability

Evolution advocates support a “theory” that refuses the criterion of falsifiability. Genuine theories must be tested! On occasion, some of the “faithful” have proposed a “test.” When such tests have produced failure, the evidence is ignored or the “theory” leaps happily to an opposite point of view.

Example: An evolutionist once affirmed that structures like wheels and magnets couldn’t have evolved because they would be useless until fully formed. But these structures have since been discovered in living creatures.

Best Evidence For Evolution is Weak

The “best” evidence cited for ongoing evolution is pitifully weak. Example: Bacteria and insects that “evolve” resistance to chemicals are actually losing genetic information and become less viable in normal environments.

Evolution requires billions of years Even Though There is Considerable Evidence to the Contrary showing a younger universe

There is considerable evidence that the universe and the earth are far younger than the billions of years absolutely required by evolutionary fantasy – although “billions of years” isn’t enough to make it work! Example: Spiral galaxies would have “wound up” if they have existed for billions of years. They can’t be shaped the way they are!

Books can be written on each one of the points above — and have been! In future articles we’ll illustrate each point briefly. We’ll follow those discussions with a more definitive Biblical perspective.


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