Student Suspended By School For Not Walking Out Of Class To Support Gun Control

student suspended for refusing to walkout

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Wow student suspended for not walking out of school to promote gun grabbing agenda. #FloridaSchoolShooting #walkout Hat Tip: Jason Fyk

The school is saying the story is “not accurate” and the student instead was refusing to go to the “designated area” for those who were not protesting while the leftist students protested gun rights.

The note circulating on social media dictates the Hilliard Davidson student has a one-day suspension that should be served Thursday, March 15.

Stacie Raterman, the Hilliard City Schools Director of Communications, says no students were suspended for participating or not participating in the walkout.

Jake Shoemaker, the student in question, tells NBC4 he did not want to participate in the walkout, and he did not want to go to the area where non-participants were.

“I told them I would have to be dragged out of my seat,” Jake told NBC4.

Good for the student to stand up and truly protest and sacrifice for other people’s constitutional rights, rather than be a stupid zombie groupie like the rest of the student body. Why is the school forcing kids to leave the classroom and sacrifice their time to learn in order to accommodate fame whore students posing as gun grabbing leftists in order to ditch class?


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