The Stormy Daniels Racist Orgy of Violence Power Hour!

I found myself unable to choose one single news item to vent over.

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Normally for an episode of Trigger Warning Radio, I’ll choose one topic to rant and rave about for a few minutes. Today, however, I found myself unable to choose one single news item to vent over. Rather than limit myself, I felt it would be best to grab a couple of news stories that I found interesting on Monday and give my insanely informed opinion on them.

I call the resulting episode the “Stormy Daniels Racist Orgy of Violence Power Hour!”

Show notes:

  1. Stormy Daniels is in the news yet again. The now-infamous porn actress gave an interview to 60 Minutes which aired last night. Does anyone really care? I sure don’t, but I’ll tell you why the Left is trying to make you care.
  2. Liberal privilege is being able to say blatantly racist and anti-Semitic things in a public setting without facing any consequences whatsoever. Just ask New York governor Andrew Cuomo.
  3. Crazy, gropey, tough guy Uncle Joe Biden might just be chickening out on a 2020 presidential run.

Listen to the episode on Spreaker if you dare:

Listen to “The Stormy Daniels Racist Orgy Of Violent News Power Hour!” on Spreaker.



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