Samsung Moves Up Release Date of the Galaxy Note 9

Reports are trickling out that Samsung is planning to release its premium Galaxy Note 9 Android phone in July, in an attempt to beat the new generation of the iPhone to market:

The wait for the Galaxy Note 9 may have gotten a little shorter. That’s because production of Samsung’s next Note phone is reportedly ahead of schedule, according to Korean news outlet The Investor, which claims the Galaxy Note 9 may be released as soon as July or early August.

This would be earlier than the release of the Galaxy Note 8, which Samsung announced on Aug. 23 last year and put on sale in mid-September.

The Galaxy Note is Samsung’s line of high-end phones that comes with a digital stylus. It also often debuts new hardware and software features that the current Galaxy S phone doesn’t have, making it a more cutting-edge device.

The Investor bases its prediction on reports that Samsung Display will start making OLED screens for the Galaxy Note 9 in April. Since the report claims that display production usually starts in June, this would put the Galaxy Note 9 two months ahead of schedule.

But launching the Galaxy Note 9 early could have one potential benefit: beating out Apple’s next iPhone. Early rumors say that Apple may launch three new iPhones in September, each with a different size and price. This could pose some serious competition for Samsung, but the Note 9 might benefit if it hits shelves early. Last year the iPhone X didn’t go on sale until November, which may or may not have helped Note 8 sales.

An early Note 9 release could also make up lost ground for Galaxy S9 sales, which are “less than stellar,” according to the report.

What’s happening here is that Samsung is hoping that the Galaxy S9 flop and the general decline of the global smartphone market is just a one time blip, and that a hot new release will juice sales and get product moving again. Unfortunately, I think Samsung is going to be as disappointed as Apple has been recently.


Written by Doomberg

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