Rand Paul joins Democrats in attacking Gina Haspel

A few points here.  First, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was reported to be counting the seconds he was being waterboarded with his fingers while under the rag.  He knew it wasn’t torture and he wasn’t shaken by it. Just because the left calls waterboarding torture doesn’t make it torture.

Second, we can always count on Rand Paul to mangle the definition of civil liberties, considering that terrorists don’t have any according to the Geneva Convention.

Third, a second-hand report of someone saying ‘I’m almost buying it’ doesn’t mean ‘joyful glee.’  Rand Paul is out of his mind here.  Click the video to watch.

Senator Rand Paul describes Gina Haspel having ‘joyful glee’ in waterboarding

Senator Rand Paul incorrectly labels waterboarding as ‘torture’ and accuses Gina Haspel of having ‘joyful glee’ in directly participating in it


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