November’s Election Is Jury Selection for Trump’s Impeachment

Somewhere a visually-impaired porcine just found an acorn because I am in 100% total agreement with The Fat Filmmaker on this one.

Yes, Mikey Moore has hammered that Old Nail Head right on the money:

The November Election is gonna be about one thing and one thing only – selecting the composition of the House of Representatives for Trump’s Impeachment Jury.

This comes as A Shock to Exactly Nobody except the Standard Issue Republican Party and their Sad Hangers-On.

If memory serves, the first calls for Impeaching Trump can happen at about 3AM on Election Night 2016.

Well, The #Resistance has had just about 18 months to Get Their Shit Together on this and, by golly, they have.

The GOP?

No so much.

Anyway, here’s the Money Quote from Mr. Ed:

Filmmaker Michael Moore urged Democratic voters to remember that they are voting for the impeachment of President Trump in the upcoming midterm elections.


I want you to know that in this election you are not electing a member of the House of Representatives. You are electing the jury for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. Never forget that over these next few months.”

Every candidate needs to be asked if the support or oppose Impeaching Trump.

Every damn one.

No Weasel Word responses accepted: Yes or No.

That’s it and that’s The Single Issue this fall.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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