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Mark Zuckerberg wins “The Lottery”

No, no, no.

Not the plunk down a couple bucks and say a Hail Mary lottery that you and I play.

Naw, I’m talkin’ about The Lottery. The one in the short story of the same name written by Shirley Jackson back in the 1940’s.  You read it, I read it, there was a time when just about every American kid in public skrool read it (although today it’s regularly banned hither and yon across the fruited plain but that’s another post).

In case you don’t remember Our Friend Wikipedia has the skinny to refresh the synapses:

One of the major ideas of “The Lottery” is that of a scapegoat. The act of stoning someone to death yearly purges the town of the bad and allows for the good. This is hinted in the references to agriculture.

The story also speaks of mob psychology and the idea that people can abandon reason and act cruelly if they are part of a large group of people behaving in the same manner. … This also shows how people can turn on each other so easily.

And so it goes that The Goodest Liberal, Mark Zuckerberg, has been chosen to Bear the Brunt of The Hate, for it was recently revealed the He and He Alone (well, He and Vlad) was responsible for The Victory of The Orange Hitler.

Ann Althouse explains:

“The election of Donald Trump was so shocking — and damaging to the country — that many people went looking for a scapegoat…. By spreading false news stories and giving a megaphone to Russian trolls, Facebook — a vastly larger social network than Twitter — played a meaningful role in the presidential campaign. Of course, so did many other suspects on the list. There was no single factor that allowed Trump to win. It was a confluence…. ‘Where is Mark Zuckerberg?’ asks Recode’s Kurt Wagner….. ‘It’s time’ for Zuckerberg and other top Facebook officials ‘to come and testify,’ Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said yesterday….”

So while The Resistance is gathering the requisite stones and rocks We Deplorables can ready up another buncha popcorn and settle back to enjoy The Festivities.

Couldn’t happen to a Better Guy…

Trump Laughing

Bruno Strozek

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