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Kristian Saucier is Pardoned, Likely Means Hillary Clinton Won’t Be Locked Up For Email Server

President Trump issued the second pardon of his young presidency on Friday to Kristian Saucier. For those who do not know who he is, this was a navy sailor who took photos while stationed inside a nuclear submarine. President Trump repeatedly lamented the case while on the campaign trail in 2016, saying Saucier was “ruined” for his actions while Hillary, who had many more alleged crimes, walked free.

Saucier spent over a year in jail. Because of the felony conviction, Saucier was forced to drive a garbage truck as it was the only job he could find that would hire him with his record.

He was released in September, 2017 and returned to the Vermont home he shares with his wife Sadie and their two-year-old daughter.

Yes, you read that correctly. Saucier was taken from his family, his baby daughter, so he could serve his prison sentence while Hillary Clinton walked free.

After saying repeatedly how the man’s life was ruined, President Trump left the man in jail to serve his full sentence.

Saucier, now 31, was 22 years old when he took the cellphone photos in 2009. Hillary Clinton was in her sixties when she committed her crimes. Kristian Saucier had lack of wisdom due to his age as an excuse, what did Hillary Clinton have? Oh yeah, political connections.

He pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized retention of national defense information and his attorneys unsuccessfully requested the “Clinton deal,” meaning little if any punishment.

Hillary Clinton has still received no punishment for her vastly more dangerous actions that led to state secrets being handed over to the enemies of the United States. The pardoning of the former soldier means that Trump will likely not seek any repercussions for Clinton. Yet another example of the farcical, third world justice the judiciary is responsible for in the United States.

The logic used by the FBI to determine that Hillary Clinton was innocent because she didn’t “intend” to commit a crime while at the same time recommending prosecution for Saucier is more than enough for me to have let him off without serving time.


This article has been updated.

Source Washington Examiner

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