John Bolton Named As Replacement After Anti-MAGA NSC Chief H. R. McMaster Forcibly Retired

Are we beginning to see Gulliver starting to throw off the Lilliputians?

McMaster Out John Bolton in at NSC

Trump asked for McMaster’s resignation today after the National Security Council chief told the President that he would not fire the Obama administration holdovers that he kept on in their positions nearly a year and a half after the Trump administration took office. McMaster has been instrumental in pushing out many individuals who have been friendly to President Trump’s campaign promises made during the 2016 election campaign for President.

McMaster’s ouster has not been taken well by his subordinates within the NSC staffing community. Mike Cernovich reports that they are in “full panic mode,” some of whom “walked out in protest” after they had learned of the news of McMaster’s ouster.

“One staffer seen crying in the halls,” he said in his twitter post.

Cernovich also said in a follow-up tweet that a close confidant of McMaster, Megan Badasch, was “seen panicking in the halls” today. She is reported to have leaked the transcripts of the President’s conversations with the Australian and Mexican President’s.

Her panicked behavior today may have stemmed from the revelation that McMaster didn’t “pull the print logs of her activity during the NSC leaks,” according to Cernovich.

Former United States ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, was named as the replacement for McMaster at the NSC. Many believe he will be President Trump’s hatchet man, as Scaramucci was for the President within the Chief of Staff ranks.

John Dowd also resigned, just as the President is signaling a more aggressive tone against the Mueller investigation. John Dowd is believed to have been a “moderating force” to the President’s impulse to end the investigation.

“I love the President and wish him well,” Dowd said in a statement to CNN.


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