Immigrant Army Marching Through Mexico to the United States Border

They will be allowed entry. Or Else.

Honduras Mexico Immigrant caravan border US

They will not be denied entry.

In Mexico, immigration agents abandoned their posts as 1,500 people in a Refugee Caravan, mainly from Honduras, crossed into Mexico from Guatemala on March 25th, with their intention on demanding asylum in the United States.

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Beautiful: Immigration agents abandoned their posts as 1,500 people on Refugee Caravan, mainly from Honduras, crossed into Mexico from Guatemala yesterday with goal to reach US (video via @pueblosf)

It is not just this particular group either, this has been a real problem for a long, long time. It is estimated that more than 500,000 people cross Mexican territory each year with the intention of reaching the United States, according to United Nations data.

The one good thing about Attorney General Jeff Sessions so far is his willingness to wreck the immigration insanity of the last Democrat administration under Barack Obama. In January this year, Jeff Sessions signaled that he would begin cracking down on the immigration court system and the asylum system within the United States.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has decided now it is time to take a very assertive role in the immigration courts:

The past few months have seen Sessions begin to attempt to assert his influence over the work of immigration courts (which, unlike other federal courts, are part of the Executive Branch) and on diminishing the legal protections commonly used by hundreds of thousands of immigrants—developments that have alarmed immigration judges, attorneys, and immigrant advocacy groups alike.

The Trump administration has been trying to ramp up deportations of immigrants in the country illegally. But one thing has been standing in its way: Immigration judges often put these cases on hold.

Now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering overruling the judges.

One practice that is being singled out specifically by Jeff Sessions and other immigration hard-liners is called “administrative closure.” The process allows an immigration judge to put deportation proceedings on hold indefinitely.

“Basically they have legalized the person who was coming to court, because they were illegally in the country,” Jeff Sessions said during a speech in December.

Nearly 200,000 immigration cases have been put on hold in this way in the past five years alone.

Sessions is using his authority over the immigration court system to review a number of judicial decisions. If he overturns those decisions, thousands of other cases could be affected.

“Far and away, administrative closure was being abused,” said Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge who is now a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for lower levels of immigration.

He says many of those cases should have ended in deportation. “But rather than actually going through that process, the Obama administration simply administratively closed them. And took them off the docket to be forgotten,” he said.

The attorney general may also limit when judges can grant continuances and who qualifies for asylum in the United States.

The attorney general insists he’s trying to make sure that judges are deciding cases “fairly and efficiently.” And says he is trying to clear a backlog of nearly 700,000 cases.

The would-be immigrants, who’s motto is “we are all Americans by birth” may find that the U.S. Border Patrol will not be as forgiving to them as Mexico was.


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