Hogg Wild in the Streets!

Wild In The Streets (1968) Trailer for more weird videos plus strange film nights in London. Trailer for the classic 1968 exploitation counter culture film Wild In The Streets. Directed by Barry Shear. Plus check us out on:

OK, I gotta admit it: I saw it.

I probably liked it.

Hal Holbrook, Shelly Winters, Richard Pryor and a supporting cast of to-this-very-day unknowns.

I think I was most impressed by the First Lady In Fishnet (but when you’re 16-ish anything that smacks a A Peek is impressive. These were the pre-porn days remember.)

All kudos due to Powerline blog for making the catch:

I can’t recall whether we’re supposed to think that popular culture is a leading or lagging indicator of things, but it seems Hollywood anticipated the recent children’s crusade for banning guns—and lowering the voting age to 16—exactly 50 years ago, in a film that I never heard of (“Wild in the Streets”), but which a sharp-eyed Power Line reader pointed out to me. See if this doesn’t capture a fair bit of the nonsense displayed Saturday

I guess this explains why Richard Pryor set himself on fire…

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