Hey Anti-Gunners: How About We Invest in our Kids instead of Using them for Political Fodder?

With all the nationwide political drama as of late concerning kids “walking out” of school in protest to gun laws and in the process unknowingly being used as political pawns by the left to enact more useless “gun control” on law abiding citizens, I am reminded of a wonderful experience me and my son had around four years ago when we took part in Dustin Ellerman’s Youth Marksmanship Camp.

For those of you that don’t remember, Dustin was the winner of Season 3 of History Channel’s Top Shot Competition series. Besides being an outstanding Shootist (and I use that word sparingly because to me it denotes a level of mastery with a firearm rarely seen nowadays), Dustin is first and foremost a Christian youth pastor who has devoted his life to mentoring kids and leaving this world a little bit better than he found it. I have met the guy personally and can tell you he is the real deal and practices what he preaches.

Listen folks, we can talk all day about how high divorce rates, single parent (fatherless) homes and overly-medicating kids with psychotropic drugs have contributed to the plague of mass shootings by teenagers and young adults in the last twenty years, not to mention the “culture of convenience murder” we have condoned since the passing of Roe v Wade. Is it really any wonder kids have no respect for life anymore?

If we really want to make an impact on this generation of kids and not allow them to be a big part of helping to weaken and/or destroy the Second Amendment to their own peril, we are gonna have to start doing LESS talking and MORE action.

How do we do that?

Well one of the many ways, besides the obvious of taking your kids/nephew/niece/cousins/neighbor’s kids shooting, is to take them to Support Camps and Organizations like Dustin Ellerman’s. Check around your local and regional area and see what exist. You might be surprised at what you find.

While the Left is focused on USING our kids for political gain and in the process destroying our Constitutional freedoms, how about the rest of us who actually care about the future of our youth and the Second Amendment do something POSITIVE and LIFE CHANGING? It’s simpler than you think!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Take a Kid Shooting Today!


Written by The Tactical Hermit

The Tactical Hermit is your above-average White, Married, Christian, Conservative, Armed Capitalist & Apologist for Freedom and Common Sense.

He resides in the Republic of Texas with assorted animals including a one-eyed cat named General John Bell Hood.

He can be found rambling about assorted subjects at


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