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What You Need To Know About Gun Violence Restraining Orders

We must resist these unconstitutional gun grabbing laws at all cost.

Florida governor Rick Scott is attempting to bring gun violence restraining orders to the state. Gun violence restraining orders are going to be touted as a way to prevent mass shootings. A common sense gun law, they say.

Be wary whenever anyone touts an increase in government control as a “common sense law.” Such laws very rarely employ anything that normal people would call common sense. Frequently they end up being unconstitutional clusters that result in severe unintended (or intended) consequences.

Such is the case with gun violence restraining orders. They’re being pushed in Florida. States such as California already employ them. In this episode of Trigger Warning Radio I explain what a gun violence restraining order is and how they are employed to destroy your constitutional rights.

I suggest everyone take a look at California’s gun violence restraining order law, A.B. 1014. California is the gold standard for extreme liberalism, and A.B. 1014 certainly qualifies as that. You can bet that this law will be the model that the Left will attempt to use for gun violence restraining orders across the country.

We must resist these unconstitutional gun grabbing laws at all cost.

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