Federal Courts Refuse to Stop Democrat Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Criminal Redistricting Plan

So you think you control the levers of power do you?

Hillary Clinton Laughing at GOP

This is unacceptable that the courts have, yet again, overstepped their bounds and decided that they will also now issue congressional maps. The courts having not been satisfied to be the true lawmakers in the United States with the power to make law, have decided again to expand their authority to also decide how the Congress will be elected.

The current makeup of the Pennsylvania legislature has the Republican party enjoying a supermajority control of both chambers, with the power to impeach and remove every single judge on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Yet the Republican party continues to demonstrate their inexhaustible source of excuses for their utter patheticness and inability to act against the left in any material way.

The Democrats need 24 seats to flip to their control in the November election, they will be able to now count at least three more in their column with this decision.

The AP states that the U.S. Supreme Court again decided to let the lower courts take the power away from the legislative branch

Boosting the Democrats’ chances of retaking control of Congress in this fall’s midterm elections, the U.S. Supreme Court and a federal panel on Monday rejected Republican challenges to a newly redrawn congressional map imposed on Pennsylvania by the state’s high court.

The federal courts dismissed requests to throw out or halt use of the new district map, which the state court drafted after ruling that the preexisting map violated the state constitution’s guarantee of free and equal elections. That earlier map, drawn by the GOP in 2011, is considered among the most gerrymandered in the nation.

The pair of rulings Monday makes it highly likely that this year’s congressional elections in Pennsylvania will be conducted under district lines widely viewed as more favorable to Democrats than the 2011 map.

Under the new map, Democrats have a good chance to pick up three seats in the Philadelphia suburbs, and a fighting chance of flipping Republican districts in Harrisburg, Allentown and outside Pittsburgh, said Franklin and Marshall College political scientist Terry Madonna.

“Now, the Democrats nationally will look at Pennsylvania as one of the top priorities, for the obvious reason that of the 24 seats that they need, Pennsylvania has a reasonable chance of putting three in their corner,” Madonna said.

The Associate Press writes as if republicans in Pennsylvania did something wholly unique and not like the previous incorruptible democrats that graced that state with their congressional maps:

Republicans drew the previous map to aid their candidates. It proved to be a campaign winner, leading the GOP to a 13-5 edge in the state’s congressional delegation for all three elections in which it was used. By contrast, Democrats have a 5-to-4 statewide advantage in voter registration and have won 18 of 24 statewide elections since the 2011 map was enacted.

And to top it all off, hopefully the candidates can find the petitions in time, they have one day now to get all the signatures necessary to get on the May 15 primary ballot.


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