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Draining the DC Swamp – One Vile Creature at a Time

AG Sessions is draining the DC Swamp

For the last six months or more, people have wondered what was going on with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Why hasn’t he fired people, indicted others, and started cleaning out the Swamp?

One top rated conservative site in particular has daily for months, called for Sessions to resign or be fired.

Other conservative sites and Fox people have done the same. Even the self styled “Doom Crew” commenters here at Sparta Report and many commenters have joined in. But that should end now. Why?

Because Attorney General Jeff Sessions just tossed a YUGE pump into the Swamp!


Swamps are treacherous places, as anyone who has ever lived in the South can tell you. The swamps are filled with vile and dangerous creatures, alligators, crocs, poisonous snakes and who knows what. Each can kill you in many different ways.

If you are going to drain a swamp, you need to really plan on how to do it. You just don’t wake up one morning and pull the plug as if it were a bath tub.

Draining a swamp requires much planning. You must:

  1. Identify the particular area of the swamp to drain.
  2. Determine what evil and vile creatures you want to get rid of, while protecting the good ones from being harmed.
  3. Obtain the necessary equipment that can handle a swamp.
  4. Encircle the swamp with barriers so that the vile creatures cannot escape.
  5. Plan on what to do with the vile creatures caught.
  6. Execute the plan.

Draining the DC swamp is little different that draining a Louisiana swamp. The major difference is that the vile creatures inhabiting the DC swamp are far more dangerous than those in a regular swamp. The DC creatures are like “The Snake” that President Trump so often refers to in his speeches. They pretend to be your friend, while preparing to stab you in the back.

Attorney General Sessions appears to have prepared more than adequately his swamp draining activities at the FBI. He has or is:

  1. Identifying the vile creatures in the FBI to remove.
  2. Gathered the equipment to do the job by ordering the Inspector General and another Private Investigator to gather the information to isolate and render harmless the vile creatures bite.
  3. Determining plans of action to eliminate the creatures, through either termination or legal prosecution.
  4. Begun to execute the plan.

The Friday Night Massacre of Andrew McCabe is the first of the vile creatures caught in the nets used to drain the DC swamp. McCabe’s attempting to run and hide by “retiring” was not enough to prevent him from succumbing to the “suction of the pump”. He was caught up in it and fired, and now he likely faces prosecution.

As the IG report becomes public, others will be caught up in the pump and removed for termination and potential prosecution. It is only a matter of time.

For the naysayers who thought that AG Sessions should be fired or should resign, you were not paying attention to the signs. And those signs were everywhere if one only looked. Only a few of us saw the signs, and were willing to watch things play out.

Draining the DC swamp is a very difficult process. It requires careful planning and discretion. One cannot go around and publicly proclaim what is being done, else risk letting the vile DC swamp creatures escape.

Attorney General is doing his job!!! He has begun to drain the DC swamp, one vile creature at a time!

Let us give him a chance to do his job.


Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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