Democrats Infighting Over Whether To Shut Down the Government Again Over DACA and Now Over ICE

Maryland Democrat Representative Steny Hoyer and Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, say shutting down the government to get a DACA amnesty in the upcoming spending bill is “not the Democrats’ plan.”

“I think that’s probably the best policy for us to do,” said Representative Steny Hoyer, the Democratic whip. “It’s also politically the most feasible way to get an omnibus passed.”

“There’s not a whole lot of reason to negotiate – to do anything that is not already covered by the court decision,” Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

“It is necessary for us to pass to defend our country, to invest in our children’s future, to keep America number one in every respect, to do so in a way that creates jobs,” she added.

Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, told Fox News Sunday that there would be no shutdown effort on behalf of the Democrats when it comes to the spending bill.

FoxNewsSunday on Twitter

@SenatorDurbin tells Chris: Congress is not going to have a shutdown over #DACA

“We’re not going to have a shutdown, but I’m urging the leaders to basically come together and understand there is an emergency at hand here,” Senator Durbin said. “780,000 young people have their lives hanging in the balance because President Trump killed the DACA program.”

“We have to move on a bipartisan basis to put it back in business.”

Not all Democrats are in agreement on the leadership’s desire to avoid another politically costly confrontation.

Amnesty advocate and anti-white racist House Representative Luis Gutierrez has signed onto a letter, along with 83 fellow Democratic congressmen, in which they demand that the upcoming spending bill include an expansive amnesty that would give the majority of the 12 to 30 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. a “pathway to citizenship.”

Luis V. Gutierrez on Twitter

Thank you to my colleagues for getting the message out: 83 Democrats Demand #DreamAct Be Added to Omnibus & That Funding for Deportations, Detention & Walls Be Stripped: #twill #heretostay #DefundHate #Chicago

Louis Gutierrez’ group of Democrats also demand the Department of Homeland Security lose funding for their efforts to enforce federal immigration laws and drop all funds that would go towards constructing a wall along the southern border to stop illegal immigration.

Senator Kamala Harris of California, a prominent defender of open borders in the Senate and all but announced Democrat candidate for President in 2020, has hinted at only supporting a spending bill that includes amnesty for illegal aliens.

Kamala Harris on Twitter

Trump created the Dreamer crisis when he ended DACA. We must continue to fight for the thousands of young people whose lives were thrown into chaos by this decision and give them the security they deserve.


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