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Debunking The Most Idiotic Gun Control Meme Ever

The goal is to ridicule gun rights activists.

Normal people have been constantly inundated with insanely stupid anti-gun memes from liberal friends and family ever since the Parkland school shooting. The goal of these memes, of course, is to normalize gun control and ridicule gun rights activists.

One meme, in particular, has been making the rounds as of late. Leftists have been passing around the talking point that if your child hits someone with a stick you don’t blame the stick, but you do take the stick away from the child. Of course, this meme implies that banning guns in response to school shootings is the only logical response to such horrific crimes.

The leftists bandying about this meme are not only wrong, they’re idiots to boot. Here’s why:

Here’s the same episode on PewTube if you’re having trouble with BitChute:

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