Daily Caller Rips Conservatives Calling for Video Game Ban

The Daily Caller has a few choice things to say about people who are calling for a ban on some or all video games as a response to the Parkland massacre:

The White House hosted a meeting Thursday to discuss the most dangerous threat to America — violent video games.

President Trump’s administration even released a video to highlight how violent today’s games are. Unfortunately for the White House, it came off more like an ad for these games.

It’s a fitting result for the ridiculous dredging up of this 1990s moral panic. Video games have been blamed for mass shootings ever since Columbine, and many conservatives have argued they need to be further restricted or flat-out banned in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

So the next step would be to ban the games, which is incredibly dumb. The majority of American households include a frequent gamer and the average age of male gamers is 35. For women it’s 44.

The vast majority of people playing these games are not troubled teens but adults.

That’s the exact same argument conservatives make when they want to ban violent video games. Just because teens might be negatively influenced by video games, we have to make sure 30-year-olds can’t play Wolfenstein.

The other problem with wanting to ban video games is that it undermines conservative support for free speech. We can’t chastise college students for shutting down right-leaning speakers because their ideas are too offensive when we want to ban bloody video games. Like offensive ideas, mature people should be able to handle make-believe violence without becoming violent themselves.


Written by Doomberg

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