Colorado Representative Expelled! — #MeToo– Becomes a Republican!

First Colorado lawmaker expelled since 1915

Let’s start with the operative tweet:

The Denver Post on Twitter

STORY: Colorado Rep. Steve Lebsock is expelled following harassment complaints from five women

You can search Twitter on your own if you like, but what you’re unlikely to find is that Lebsock is a Democrat. But hang onto your butts folks. This gets more interesting.

There was an investigation by a private human resources firm that determined it was “more likely than not” that 10 complaints of sexual harassment and one of retaliation had occurred. Lebsock denies all of the allegations.

In one of those completely ridiculous moments, a number of Republicans came to the defense of Lebsock citing the need for due process and that Lebsock actually hadn’t been convicted of anything.

“We have five women and 11 credible complaints What more do we need?” said Rep. Susan Lontine, D-Denver.

Republican Justin Everett tweeted earlier today that:

Rep. Justin Everett on Twitter

The standard for expulsion is a crime. Lebsock has not been charged or convicted of a crime. Censure is the appropriate punishment – a statement by the chamber that we denounce his behavior. That is not on the table. #coleg #copolitics

Governor Hickenlooper (D) had weighed in on the topic in November when this all got stirred up that “Now that the facts are apparent, he should certainly resign.”

Rep. Alec Garnett D-Denver, the assistant House majority leader and Rep. Matt Gray, D-Broomfield both wore bullet proof vests in fear of retaliation from Lebsock who is an ex-Marine. (I just report the stuff! Don’t shoot the messenger!)

Eventually the Democrats convinced enough Republicans to go along and throw this Democrat out. AND THEN . . .

Steve Lebsock on Twitter

I changed party affiliation at 3:02pm. As I walked down to speak for the last time, approx. 4pm, I handed the minority leader a document with affiliation change. Nothing was planned. He did not know about party change before. #copolitics

Yep! Lebsock became a Republican!

This didn’t do much to change the balance in the Colorado House of Representatives which is now 36-D, 28-R, and one vacant — Lebsock’s seat.

Does Lebsock’s seat now go to a Republican? Well, maybe.

The Colorado GOP on Twitter

Our HD 34 Vacancy Committee has the right to fill the vacancy. Whether it chooses to do so is another question. If it declines to act within 30 days, the gov gets to fill the vacancy. Because Lebsock was a Dem when he committed his misdeeds, the VC could decline to fill his seat.

HD 34 is House District 34 which is Lebsock’s district and VC stands for Vacancy Committee.

The Democrats aren’t so sure and are “looking into it.”

I’m betting the Republicans just let this go to the Governor since, well, it’s just a nice thing to do.

This is why I love living in Colorado! You can’t make this stuff up!




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