BREAKING: President Trump To Meet With Kim Jong Un By May

The invitation came after months of saber-rattling and insults from both sides. 

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Earlier today Kim Jong Un extended an invitation to President Donald Trump to meet. The invitation came after months of saber-rattling and insults from both sides.

South Korean officials have just announced that President Trump will accept Kim’s invitation. The two leaders will meet in-person by May:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un extended an invitation to meet with President Trump — and the president agreed that the two would meet by May, South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong announced at the White House on Thursday night.

Chung announced that Trump would meet with Kim by May to “continue the goal of denuclearization.” The White House did not give an immediate response.

Kim, according to Chung, understands that joint military exercises between South Korea and the U.S. will continue. The North Korean, according to recent talks with Chung, also claimed to be “commited to denuclearization.”

“He (Kim) pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear missile tests,” Chung said, adding that Trump’s “leadership” and “maximum pressure” brought us to this juncture.

We had been told that Donald Trump’s “extreme rhetoric” was bringing us to war with North Korea. Kim Jong Un was ready, willing, and able to lob nukes at Hawaii, Alaska, and much of the West Coast. Yet here we are with Kim’s regime offering to halt its nuclear tests and sit down with President Trump in an effort for peace.

I don’t trust North Korea as far as I’d be able to throw Kim, but I’m ecstatic that we’ve reached this point. If nothing else, the potential of these talks happening must be causing the Left apoplectic fits.

UPDATE: The White House Responds

UPDATE: President Trump responds as well.


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