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One of the writers here, PatrickPu wrote a very provocative, yet thorough article describing what he believes to be the problem behind the current outrage over the Omnibus spending bill. Here is my rebuttal to his main arguments.


Labeling Conservatives as Far Right

PatrickPu wrote:

The Far Right’s “Wish List” For The Omnibus Bill

Right off the bat we get charged leftist talking points. This media driven narrative is used far too often by those in the Republican party who self identify as “moderate republicans.”

For those who do not know why the media uses the phrase “Far Right,” it is a charged phrase to denote racists and Nazis.

In Europe, they exclusively use the term to describe ethno-nationalists and groups who want to control immigration from other countries, often using restrictions that are taboo with the modern U.S. liberal culture. Use of that phrase essentially equated small government conservatives, pro life activists, and immigration restrictionists to Nazis.

As to those “moderates” in the Republican party: nearly all “moderate republicans” love to say they are liberal on social issues and fiscally conservative in theory. Yet in practice, the very same fiscal conservatives always seem to find themselves excusing or even supporting massive spending initiatives, bills that lead to less security and financial stability, and in many, many cases will vote for the most profligate spending Republicans in primary elections that they can find.

It is because those who identify as “fiscal conservatives” are the same sort of “conservative” that Mitt Romney is. There seems to be no core conservative issue they will not surrender on because they have no core conservative values.

In fact, I firmly believe a moderate republican has more in common culturally with the Democrat party upper echelons than they do with anything that resembles the base of the Republican party. They have been fighting the increasingly conservative republican base since the 1990s coup against Newt Gingrich.


Why We are Starting to See Louder Calls to Put Up or Shut Up on the Border Wall

The border wall was the biggest campaign slogans for Trump, next to “Lock Her Up.” Yet so far, every spending bill brought to the president’s desk has been void of funding for any wall initiative for the U.S.-Mexico border.

This is a long term problem conservatives have had with the Republican party. The leadership fundamentally disagrees with the republican base and the average American. The leadership is more in tune with the effete cultural sensibilities of the dominant liberal culture in Washington D.C. than they are with their own voters. And it shows.

Nearly every single initiative that conservatives want, the party will refuses to fight “tooth and nail” for. Obamacare’s repeal? Killed in the Senate by republicans. The border wall? Killed repeatedly. Supporting the President over Democrat attacks on the phony Russia collusion meme? Nope. Any constriction of immigration? Nope, the Republican Congress has increased visas given to corporations to hire foreign workers over Americans.

Instead, we get Tax Reform, which did not even register on the radar of important issues in 2016. We got Tax Reform because the ever out of touch Congressional Republican party leadership wants it.

Sure we got the repeal of the individual mandate, but that does not take effect until 2019 and in the meantime, people are seeing massive increases to their medical insurance rates or having their insurance company leaving the market altogether.


The Senate and Mitch McConnell’s Repeated Killing of MAGA Initiatives

PatrickPu wrote:

The Senate is the key problem for conservatives and passage of their Wish List. Republicans hold a 51 seat majority with 49 opposed to them. With Vice President Pence as the “tie-breaker” in any “tie vote”, the Republicans can only lose one senator to vote against passage of the Omnibus. Lose two senators, and they cannot pass any bill.

This is completely wrong. The Senate needs 60 votes to pass any bill not considered under reconciliation.

Mitch McConnell continuing to allow the democrats to abuse the filibuster Senate rule is why we have a $1.3 trillion Omnibus bill. It is also likely why Mitch McConnell has over 200 bills that have passed the House of Representatives, stalled in the Senate. Mitch McConnell refuses to do commonsense reform to even make an attempt to pass President Donald Trump’s agenda. The problem so many people have right now is that it seems that President Trump is going right along with it. 


A Government Shutdown Over President Trump’s Veto of the Omnibus Bill

PatrickPu wrote:

Once the government shut down, Dems and some Republicans in the Senate would do everything in their power to keep it shut down for an extended period of time to further their political goals, which for the Dems was taking back control of the House and to avoid losing more seats in the Senate.

There is no support in the public for Congress to have a protracted shutdown over a 1.3 TRILLION dollar spending bill. Which is why Claire McCaskill and other endangered Democrats voted against passing the bill. Because they know their constituents are against massive, profligate spending.

Yet another fail from noted “fiscal conservative” diehards like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and company.

As mentioned previously, there has been an outpouring of anger against the President for not vetoing the Omnibus

As I said the other day, President Trump should have signed the Omnibus bill quietly, “if he was going to sign it, he should have just signed it and moved on.”

Instead, he made it look like an even bigger spectacle and debacle than it needed to be. To top the worse day of his Presidency, he had a horrible press conference after. Trump is having to dig himself out of his hole he made ever since.

His latest proposal seems to indicate he might use the national defense funding for the wall. If so, that would at least provide something good from the debacle.


Attacking the Voters

PatrickPu wrote:

Sitting out the election, refusing to vote for Republicans or else voting for a third party candidate will be a vote for the Democrat party.

Blaming and shaming the voters is the last defense for a person who has lost the persuasion argument. They are essentially attacking the voters preemptively for not voting for the candidates of a party which is now indistinguishable on the biggest issues from the Democrats.

These Republican party people are acting just like Hillary and her supporters did in 2016. They think they are owed the support of voters, but offer no reason to vote for them. Tax Reform as the only major legislative accomplishment is not going to get people out to vote.

“Why aren’t I fifty points ahead?!”

-Hillary Clinton 2016, The Republicans 2018

Republicans have to earn voter support and campaign on the issues that they want. If they are not turning out to support your candidates, think on why they are not. Do not blame voters who backed republicans in 2016 for lacking the passion to return and vote for them in 2018, after the Republican party has steadfastly refused to implement (or punish those who have refused to implement) the platform they ran on in 2016.

Please do not try the failed tactics of the Republican party of 2006, 2008, and 2012 and the Democrat party in 2010, 2014, and 2016. Every single time a political party starts resorting to that type of persuasion technique, they are about to lose badly in the upcoming elections.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.


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