West Boca High School Students March To Parkland

How many of these kids knew why they were walking out of school?

west boca high school parkland

Nearly 1,000 students from West Boca High School marched nearly ten miles to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this morning:

The West Boca High students walked off of campus this morning and headed south to Parkland in a show of solidarity with Douglas High students who have called for stronger gun control measures in the wake of the massacre.

West Boca High is about 10 miles north of Douglas High.

The students gathered at first in a school courtyard, where hundreds of students chanted “we want change, we want change.”

Later, the students began streaming down the street toward Parkland, where Douglas High is located. Live footage from television news choppers showed dozens of students walking peacefully along major roads.

Kendrick Hong, a 14-year-old West Boca High freshman, said the school was having a moment of silence for Douglas, which was to last 17 minutes, but kids got frustrated and said, “let’s go!”

He said school security tried to stop them but it “just turned into a spontaneous demonstration.”

“It’s just amazing that all of us just did it.”

West Boca High School principal Craig Sommer, as well as many West Boca teachers, were marching with the students.

Leftist Twitter was practically orgasmic over how woke and brave these kids are.

Almost the entire student body of a local high school walks out of school along with the principal and a significant number of teachers. We’re supposed to believe that this whole thing was spontaneous? The student body of an entire school just en masse decided to vamoose to another school 10 miles away.

Excuse me if I sound cynical when I say that doesn’t pass the smell test. This smacks of an organized demonstration to me.

Another bone of contention; how many of these kids knew why they were walking out of school? I’ll admit it’s been a few years-okay, more than a few years since I’ve been out of high school, but from what I remember people were pretty eager to get out of school. How many of these kids simply left school because they saw an opportunity?

Moreover, how many students of West Boca High actually made it to Stoneman Douglas High? I sincerely doubt every last one of the estimated 1,000 kids who walked out made it the full distance. I’m willing to bet many of them scattered like cockroaches as soon as they left school grounds. I would be shocked if every student that left West Boca High made it to Stoneman Douglas. Such a feat would also further fuel my suspicion that this was an organized protest planned well in advance.

West Boca High School is apparently marching in lockstep in favor of gun control. At least that’s what we’re being led to believe by a salivating Left. My question for these students would be simple: what plan do you have to stop school shootings in America?

Marching, posting on social media and showing off how “woke” you are isn’t going to cut it. What sort of action are you going to take? Do you think banning guns will somehow magically alleviate the problem this country is facing? Or are you willing to have armed guards and an increased police presence to help keep you safe?

I’m not expecting any of these super-woke, super-smart, super-courageous kids to have any concrete answers to those questions.

A final thought: does anyone else find it odd that the generation that eats Tide pods for social media fame wants us to listen to them on gun control?

No thank you.


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