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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #71 – You Have The Right To Game On Edition

What Are We Playing This Week?

I managed to figure out a control issue with EDF 4.1 (PC) so my son and I played some levels on Inferno together and captured it. Our first level was posted here although the resolution was whacked (something that is fixed for subsequent episodes). I also played some more Outcast Second Contact (PC) and CastleVania Bloodlines (Gen) while finally getting a chance to play Raiden II (Arc) that I picked up for only $70 from a local collector. The monitor needs some work but otherwise, I can see why it’s such a great game.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

New Screenshots For The Upcoming TMNT Arcade Game Reveal Sewer Level, Shredder

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Surpasses 1 Million In Sales In Just 9 Days

Is Anyone Really Surprised That Ubisoft Would Purposefully Rewrite History For Assassin’s Creed?

Remember The Tomy Waterfuls? There Is A Giant Arcade Version Coming Out

Sumo Digital Is Behind The Payday 2 Switch Port – Here’s a comparison between versions

Got A Hankering For Lacrosse? A Lacrosse Game Hits PS4/XB1 Next Month

New Levels For Kirby Star Allies

Remember That Cartoon In The 80s/90s Where Dinosaurs Were Outfitted With Tech? This is Pretty Much That

If You Find Yourself In SoCal, You May Be Interested In Arcade Expo 4.0 In March

In Case You Want The Afterburner II Soundtrack on Vinyl

For Real SNES Fans:

misterRage55 Gaming 🎮 on Twitter

Checkout this SNES skin for the Nintendo switch!! #Retrogaming #Gamersunite #Nintendo #Switch


Of Presidents And Violent Media – Social media and Trump Derangement Syndrome was in full effect this week when the President made an off hand remark, openly wondering if there might be a link between violent video games and media and gun violence. He focused more on movies, some about the internet but gamers have rallied to call him out on the errant video game=gun violence connection.

But this tendency for people on places like Twitter and among the game “journalism” media tend to ignore recent history when their beloved President Obama went much further than that, directly blaming video games in an address and funding research into it (which ultimately proved him wrong, not that he ever apologized for that) continues its tiresome song. What’s even more fun is pointing out when “game journalists” have also written articles attacking video games for being violent now attack Trump for the same kind of assertion (NSFW ads in link).

If you check “President Obama Blames Video Games For Gun Violence” in a search engine, you’ll get many more articles flooding the interwebs at the moment denouncing President Trump as to why he was wrong, while the occasional article that mentioned Obama’s blame didn’t bother to call him out for making such assertions. That’s because he was the utopian demi-god and spent taxpayer money on redundant research. After a bit of searching, I have yet to find an older article from a mainstream source saying “WHY OBAMA IS WRONG” on those assertions that others are currently running about President Trump (and this article with it’s headline by Forbes is a total lie – the President merely wondered out loud if there was correlation there, a different concept from direct blame #ENGRISHIZHARD). Let’s also not forget that Barack Obama directly blamed the deaths of American citizens in Libya as being caused by a YouTube video that no one ever saw to cover up him sitting on his thumbs. Blue check Twitter always brushed that off as noise while the filmmaker was jailed for using his first amendment rights; it takes zero imagination to see how Insane Media would react if Trump did the same.

Politics, what a blast, eh?

Shenmue III Trailer Leaks Online (PC/PS4) – After screenshots came along, we get this leaked trailer. Since it’s leaked, it isn’t direct but if you’re into Shenmue than something is better than nothing.

Shenmue 3 – Magic Monaco – New Trailer – Best Version – New QTE – 2018

Shenmue 3 – Magic Monaco – New Trailer – Best Version – New QTE – 2018

Trailblazers Combines Wipeout With Splatoon For PC/PS4/SW/XB1 – That’s at least what comes to mind for this new arcade style racing game by a company called Supergonk. I would not be surprised if some arcade dev out there sees this and makes a port; it’s happened plenty of times before:

Trailblazers – Announcement Trailer

Trailblazers is a fresh new co-operative racing title with an innovative on-track game mechanic: paint the track, boost on your colour and work as a team to win!

Detective Pikachu Coming March 23rd (3DS) – Yep, Nintendo still is giving their popular handheld that isn’t the Switch some love. Pikachu as essentially Sherlock Holmes is certain to do well:

Detective Pikachu: Get Ready to Crack the Case! – Nintendo 3DS

In Detective Pikachu, a new game coming on March 23rd for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, you can team up with the self-proclaimed “great detective” Pikachu to solve a puzzling case involving oddly behaving Pokémon and discover a possible connection to the mysterious Mewtwo while encountering many characters in Ryme City.

Homebrew Of The Week: 40 Winks (Nintendo 64) – Piko Interactive made some waves recently by announcing that they have been working on resurrecting the unreleased version of 40 Winks to the Nintendo 64. The company recently completed a deal with Infogrames/Atari to pick up a few dozen forgotten IPs and this was one of them. Their Kickstarter for 40 Winks blew past the $20,000 goal and is sitting around $106k with 15 more days to go; suffice it to say, there is certainly interest in the project. Here’s footage of the unreleased build:

40 Winks N64 – Unreleased pt1/3

Wanted to do this game since last year, but was unable to achieve any good results due to reasons I’d rather not specify. 40 Winks for the N64 is largely regarded as unreleased, but some people keep saying that it was released for the console(in limited quantities).

Technology Headlines

Topological Superconductors The Latest Processing Breakthrough?

Or Would That Be Memtransistors For “Brain-like Computing”? – Just Mem, not Meme

A New File System Created For…DNA Data Storage

Samsung Begins Production on 30TB SSD Drives

How We Might Build Huge Structures In Space

Global Smartphone Sales Drop For The First Time Ever – Annoying Verizon salesguy demanding you upgrade over any minor problem hardest hit

SpaceX Launches The First Of 12,000 New Satellites For Global Broadband Project – Space traffic about to skyrocket

The First Anti-Matter Probe – A Van

Hands On With The Samsung S9+

Toyota Develops New Magnets That Reduce Usage Of Rare Earth Materials By 50%

No, There Isn’t Anything That The Chinese Military Isn’t Trying To Copy From Ours, Including Exoskeletons


Seazet, The Motorized Power Jet Surfboard – or as the company calls it, the world’s most technically advanced motorized surfboard. I don’t follow such things well enough to know if that’s accurate but if you are planning on hitting up the beach and want something different to do, this might fit the bill:

Motorised Jet surfboard – Seazet surf Motor sports

Seazet is the World’s most technically advanced motorised power jet surfboard.

Spy Alarm Clocks – I guess this is a thing now…if you want to keep a sharp eye on what goes on in your bedroom, then simply pick up one of these alarm clocks with a hidden camera built into them. This one by Fredi has a 1080p eye, ensuring you’ll get plenty of details…

1080P HD Wireless WIFI Hidden Spy Alarm Clock IP Camera

Buy here: IP Cameras: Features: *1080P HD Wifi Clock,strong night vision,140 degree wide angle. *Supports Real-time video remote view and hear the clear voice in App anytime and anywhere. *User friendly APP.You can easily monitor, record videos, and snapshot photos anytime and anywhere via Internet connection.

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Passing Jupiter – NASA’s Juno probe continues its close passes in orbit around the biggest planet in our neighborhood, capturing the gas giant in even more exquisite detail. Here’s a compilation “fly over” showing a series of images recently captured by the probe:

Passing Jupiter

Credit: NASA, JPL, SwRI, MSSS, SPICE, Gerald Eichstädt Details: Details:

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