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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #69 – Not That Kind Of Thread

No, the thread number here wasn’t planned to coincide with Valentine’s Day this week…fun coincidences and all.

What Are We Playing This Week?

I did spend a little time playing Outcast: Second Contact. It’s still just as fun as I remember although certain aspects of the game (collision detection, some animations) show the limitations of the developers’ budget. I also played a little more Mantis Burn Racing and Super Bomberman R on the Switch. How about you?

Gaming Headlines

New Multi-Game Kit System Could Reignite Software Development At Arcades

“In The Year 2000aaaaaannd”: eSports ‘n Video Games May Become An Olympic Sport

Viacom Next (Viacom’s VR Division) Closes Down – B-b-but VR iz da next BIG THANG!!! we were told ad nauseum.

“Big graphical improvements” Promised With Upcoming PS4 Pro Update

Kirby Star Allies Defies Game Informers Expectations

Japanese Trailer For House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn (Arcade)

The Ninja Turtles Join Injustice 2

If You’re Into “Supreme” Branded Products, They’ve Got A Pinball Machine Coming

Dragon Quest Builders Trailer (Switch)

“Metal Gear Solid HD Collection” For PS4 Was Fake News

Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom Gets Physical For PS4/Switch

How To Stop Getting Coins When In 1st In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Subnautica Devs The Latest Wussbags Who Capitulate To The SJW Lynch Mob

SNK Heroines Gets Scantily Clad Footage (NSFW Probably) – Of course the SJWs are Uber-Ultra-Triggered Already

There Is A Tomb Raider Arcade Machine Exclusively At Dave & Busters – But, no one among the devs thought it prudent to playtest it in advance and it got through dropping the F-Bomb right at the beginning of the game. WTG


Dynasty Warriors 9 Launches This Week (PC/PS4/XB1) – If you and your loved one are into “musou” games, then the timing of this release couldn’t be better. We’ll see if the new ideas built into this one allow it to overtake Hyrule Warriors in terms of sales:

New Kingdom Of Hearts III Trailer – Are there any fans of this series here? Can’t say I’ve ever been terribly interested in a JRPG world meeting Disney characters but I guess that’s one way to get the kids into the genre:

JAEPO 2018 Shows That The Japanese Arcade Business Is Still Strong – Arcades and Japan have been BFFs since the beginning of the video game industry and this past weekend saw the largest arcade related tradeshow for the country that happens all year. Game makers like Sega, Konami, Taito and more had been fairly quiet in 2017 with many putting a focus on VR amusement for a time but that seems to have already faded for the most part with the focus going back towards the kinds of games that have been proven to work. Read and see more here and here.


Ancestors Legacy To Bring Medieval RTS Violence To PC/XB1 In May – This trailer doesn’t show too much in the way of gameplay but if you like Medieval times and/or RTS games (and loads of hand-to-hand violence), then this might be up your alley (Speaking of Medieval games, I caught this at random in my YT subscriptions – if you’re into FPS style games, check out Chivalry Medieval Warfare)

Homebrew Of The Week: Tanglewood (Sega Genesis) – I have no idea why this particular homebrewer and his work is getting more attention than the hundreds of other homebrew efforts but regardless that mystery, I’m happy to see a developer like this get some wider attention:

Technology Headlines

Lenovo Recalls 80,000 Laptops Over Potential Fire Hazard

Microsoft’s Now Noble Quest To Vanquish Passwords 

Who Benefits Most From Sears’ Continued Collapse? Best Buy

AMD Releases Ryzen/Vega Combo Chips, Voltron Nods With Approval

If You Were Hoping For A Turing Phone Announced 3 Years Ago, Its Not Happening

China Aiming To Be 100% ‘Minority Report’ Compliant By 2020

Cryptocurrency Becomes A Boon For Virtual Thieves – Bonus: Cryptojacking Attacks Increase

Gigabyte Has A Motherboard For Cryptocurrency Mining

Are You Ready For Terahertz Data Links?

Diamonds Are Forever But Social Media Sure As Heck Isn’t

So There Is A Kind Of Pr0n That Pr0n Sites Won’t Carry


Starman Cruis’n – Everyone’s heard about the SpaceX launch this week that put a Tesla into space with a spacesuit. Here’s the 4 hr. feed

Scientists Put 3D Glasses On Praying Mantises To Study Their Vision – Yep it’s weird but we learn that the mantis uses a different way of seeing in 3D than humans. How is that practically useful? I’m sure we’ll get there…one day

Freaking Out About The Current Version Of The Flu? UV Lights To The Rescue: It’s an interesting concept that according to one study is effective. Pretty nice that light can do such a thing, especially for places like malls, theaters, etc. Costs will need to come down though for it to be found in poorer venues though:

Space Pr0n Of The Day: The Hollows Of Mercury – That or it’s bad acne. Either way, these are considered unusual since nothing else like them have been observed in the solar system. It is thought that they are a by-product of the impact that created the basin but it’s hard to know without closer study. The image was captured by the MESSENGER probe and the color enhanced; the photo covers about 40km of ground.


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