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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #68 – Stolen Scores Edition

What Are We Playing This Week?

I downloaded Mantis Burn Racing for the Nintendo Switch and have been liking it so far. It has an old school “Super Sprint” vibe to it although the courses are much larger than that. The leveling up/perk elements are also welcome. Apart from that, I played some Missile Command 3D (Atari Jaguar), Dynamite Headdy & CastleVania Bloodlines on the Sega Genesis. How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Nintendo Labo Hands On

Yes, A Super Mario Animated Movie Is Happening – I’m guessing Bob Hoskins won’t be making a cameo

Nintendo Switch’s Paid Services Start In September – $20 for a year

Hot Rumor Time: CoD 2018 To Be Black Ops 4 – Source has been right on some predictions

EA Still Stands By Microtransactions Because They Work Wonders For EA’s Bank Account

Ubisoft’s Story Mode Trailer For Far Cry 5

Bayonetta 2 Running On The Switch

Atari Says That They’re Just Testing The Crowdfunding Waters – Yeah, sure you are

Strikers Edge’s “Medieval Dodgeball” Concept Certainly Grabs Your Attention (PC/PS4)

The History Of Tetris

Preview Of Brand New Arcade Games Being Shown In Japan Later This Week


Many Of Billy Mitchell’s World Record Donkey Kong Scores Alleged To Be Frauds – Being in the arcade business, it’s near impossible to avoid the “celebrity” of world record holders like Billy Mitchell and some others. Their efforts did bring a positive light on the arcade industry but in my work I see some people take their celebrity worship/hatred far too seriously.  The staunchest defenders are like the people seen in The King Of Kong documentary who, upon hearing any negative word against the man, would act like Luke Skywalker after he got his hand chopped off by pops.

That's not true....THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!
Spoilers? Whatever

And the haters at times feel like Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite. They can’t let something go to the point that something has to be mentioned about the man every day.

As the saying goes, never worship your heroes, some people with a lot of time on their hands did some hard investigative work to allege with some pretty good evidence that Billy Mitchell didn’t play by the rules and used MAME (a popular arcade emulation program) instead of on a live arcade machine as he claimed to post three of his world record high scores on Donkey Kong Forums. This thread has a pretty solid case against Mr. Mitchell and has resulted in the removal of said scores from the score tracking website. So far I have not seen a rebuttal or defense from Mitchell but if this turns out to be accurate, that would put in question his other scores that were not done live. Venture Beat has a good article breaking it all down if you are interested but it’s not looking good for the hot sauce “king”.

Also, there’s a new DK world record holder in town anyways.

Award Pulled From Atari Co-Founder Nolan Bushnell After Wretched Feminazi Taints The Man’s Rep; Former Atari Female Employees Post Blistering Respones – Here’s another long one this week but also an excellent, albeit infuriating example of where these Feminist-led Twitter Mobs always end up. Presumption of innocence also is supposed to include the ability to defend yourself before self-appointed jury/judge/executioners are supposed to pass your fate but so often people are not appointed such a luxury in our GIMME NOAW culture. If you’ve been around gaming for a little while then you probably are familiar with the name Brianna Wu, a screeching Feminazi anti-gamer who will be easily triggered by such an accurate description of her consistently vile, self-serving behavior.

Wu discovered that Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell was set to receive a Pioneer award from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and thus launched a #MeToo wannabe anti-man campaign she called #NotNolan. This was successful in getting the usual so-called “journalistic” outlets online to gleefully carry the torch for her, taking stories of consensual behavior at Atari Inc. in the 1970s and twisting them into sordid tales of RAPE and ABUSE. Instead of taking a sensible and fair approach by seeking our first-hand accounts and sources in favor/against the accused, the GDC took the coward’s approach and believed the accuser – despite the fact that Wu has zero first-hand experience of working at Atari or with Nolan in any manner whatsoever. Accusations by proxy, it’s the Feminazi way!

Fortunately for Bushnell and unfortunately for Wu, various women who did work at Atari under his management found out about this (after the fact) and came to his defense. (Unfortunately, Bushnell did post an an attempt-to-appease the SJW kind of apology but those never work). To keep this from getting too long, here’s a link to a couple of the rebuttals.

Former Arcade Exclusive Border Break Hits The PS4 With A Public Beta – Only in Japan so far though. Border Break first launched exclusively to arcades back in 2009, bringing a fast paced arena mech battle game to venues around Japan. The game was never localized here but it was quite successful in the Land Of The Rising Sun and now it will be coming to homes:

PS4版『BORDER BREAK』プロモーションムービー

この戦線を突破するのは、君だ。 本格ロボットアクション、ハイスピードロボットチームバトル『BORDER BREAK』がPlayStation®4に登場! 最上級のロボットアクションを体感せよ!「基本プレイ無料」スタミナフリーでいつでも戦える! 武器や機体パーツ、個性豊かなキャラクターたちを自由に組み合わせ、あなただけの人型兵器「ブラスト・ランナー」をカスタマイズ! 2018年リリース予定 …

Nightwolf: Survive The Megadome Charms With 80s Style Trailer (PC) – I was a fan of BattleWheels for the Atari Lynx, a vehicular battle arena game with plenty of Mad Maxx vibes to it. Nightwolf seems to capture that feel with it’s “retro-future” vibe as you see from the trailer here below. The game will be on Steam Early Access on Feb. 8th:

Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome early access trailer

The future is now. And it’s cheap. Find out more:

Technology Headlines

Cancer “Vaccine” Appears To Be Quite Effective – Thanks to Human_Being for sending this my way

“We Told You So” On That Stupid Amazon Key Idea

Nokia Rebounding In Smartphone Sales

Apple Cutting iPhone X Production In Half – Apple finding out the limitations of their appeal (and price tags) as of late

Amateur Astronomer Accidentally Makes Contact With Long Lost Satillite

G.Skill’s New DD4 Trident Z Memory Is Blazing Fast

Samsung Manufacturing ASIC Chips Just For Cryptocurrency Mining

AI Uncovers Part Of The Mystery Behind The Bizarre Voynich Manuscript – It was encoded in Hebrew

Broadcom Eyeing Qualcomm

Railgun Spotted On A Chinese Warship – Beating the US Navy to the punch

Ransomware Scammers Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine – Karma

LiDAR Tech Uncovers Previously Unknown Parts Of A Mayan City


Loaded Slo-Mo Buffs Rejoice With The Phantom v2640 High-Speed Digital Camera – No, this is by no means a consumer grade camera, starting at the ‘low, low price of only’ $135,000 and going up from there. But if you did get your hands on one, you could take some of the sweetest slo-mo HD videos seen on the interwebs as this can capture images anywhere between 6,600 & 28,760 frames per second (the higher the resolution, the fewer frames). More details here:

Introducing the Phantom v2640

The new Phantom v2640 is the next evolution of ultrahigh-speed imaging. The classic beauty of a bursting water balloon is captured at 17,000 fps with a 4Mpx proprietary sensor. Excellent image quality with low noise and high dynamic range show the highest detail possible.

Color- Changing 3D Printables By MIT – I notice that we’ve been seeing an uptick in innovations behind 3D printing lately. I imagine that in a few years 3D printers will turn into quite the essential took for many industries (it is already proving to be useful in the arcade business in reproducing rare parts). Now the brains at MIT are improving the color aspects of the printers:

Color-Changing 3D Printables

Paper: More info:

Space Pr0n Of The Week: Planets Beyond Our Galaxy – While the discovery of exoplanets has become something of a normal event in recent years, 100% of those findings were inside of our galaxy – until now. Thanks to the efforts of astrophysicists at the University of Oklahoma and NASA Chandra observatory, the team was able to use quasar microlensing to ascertain masses of objects that range in size between our Moon and Jupiter – in a galaxy 3.8 billion light-years away. Here’s what the object looks like in normal light; below is the Chandra observation

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