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VA Gov. McAuliffe: Trump SOTU guests were just ‘props’

We know why he’s saying this.  It’s pure projection, because in Obama’s SOTU speeches, they’ve done nothing but bring in sad cases illustrating the need for more handouts than ever.  And they quickly label these people, these HEROES, to be ‘props’ because that’s what they really think of the people THEY bring.

“[H]e took this horrible turn, and basically, every immigrant was a murderer or rapist, a horrible person. I had a DREAMer, a young woman, sitting two spaces next to me. She had tears in her eyes listening to the president of the United States tonight. It was embarrassing. It did not unify the country. He brought all these people in basically, for props. Very good people, very interesting stories, but they didn’t fit into the narrative. He was just trying to get applause lines. So, I don’t know what his policy objectives were.”

Speaking of ‘props,’ this is the same guy who legalized voting for thirty thousand felons in Virginia for the 2016 election. What was the margin of victory for Hillary in that state again?

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