Trump surge is a trap for Democrats mired in #resistance

Washington Times:

Kevin Sheridan, a Republican Party strategist, said Democrats’ reaction showed a party trapped by its distaste for anything having to do with Mr. Trump.

“They loathe this man; we get it,” Mr. Sheridan said. “It is just what else do they have to offer voters? That is it? That is not a positive and optimistic agenda. They are just running on Trump hatred, and it manifests itself in everything they say or do, including in Nancy Pelosi’s scowling face.”

He said Democrats could end up as their own worst enemies.

“Republicans are not in a good place, but the only thing that could stop the wave is Democrats themselves,” Mr. Sheridan said. “They have no message. They have no policy agenda other than ‘We hate Donald Trump.’”

The potential pitfalls of going all in against Mr. Trump were illustrated in a Monmouth University poll released Wednesday that showed public support for the tax overhaul that Democrats have written off as a giveaway to the rich is on the rise — as is Mr. Trump’s approval rating, which jumped 10 percentage points to 42 percent.

“It looks like the needle has moved in the Republicans’ direction since passage of the tax bill,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.


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