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The Three Faces of the Democrat Party

An excellent analysis of the Three Headed Hydra that is today’s Democrat party from Joel Kotkin at The Orange County Register.

Despite the MSM  Narrative of a Donk Juggernaut headed for a Blue Tsunami in November Kotkin presents a picture of a party walking a tightrope over an electoral abyss.

A taste:

Three different, and often somewhat hostile, tendencies now define the Democratic Party. These include the corporate oligarchs, causists obsessed with particular hot button issues and arguably the most critical to long-term ascendency, populists, who bear much of the party’s social democratic message and legacy.


The oligarchs

Republicans still retain the allegiance of certain, older industries — pharmaceuticals, energy, home-building, agriculture and manufacturing — but the post-industrial information age moguls are almost entirely Democrats. This trend has been building since the time of Bill Clinton, and remains even more evident in the Trump era.


Unprecedented wealth — the top five tech giants are worth together more than $3 trillion — allows these “hip” plutocrats to transcend most regulatory excess, as long as it keeps them safe from anti-trust enforcement and Bernie Sanders-style redistribution.


The causists

Causists — gay rights, feminists, extreme greens, retro-urbanists and race-based political movements — now constitute the ascendant wing of the Democratic Party today.


At some point in their drive for something akin to Scandinavian socialism, they may run directly into the interests of the oligarchs, who despised by the left, still fund the party and many causists.


The populists

In deep blue “fortress cities” with large populations of educated global citizens, the causists views are widely accepted without question. But in much of the country — most importantly the Midwest — neither the oligarchs nor the zealots have much hold outside big city cores and college towns.

True Middle American populists — Bernie Sanders after all represents post-industrial retirement colony of Vermont — are increasingly marginalized in a party dominated by identity issue activists and the big money of the post-industrial hierarchy.

Sounds like a recipe for trouble in the New Utopian Paradise.

Definitely worth a gander at the whole thing.

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