The Russian Dossier Breaks the Mold

Most political scandals seem to follow a pattern

It seems that all of the political scandals I’ve seen during my life have a certain pattern to them. Everything that there is to know is pretty well known at the beginning, both sides line up their arguments, and the entire thing grinds to an end usually arguing over details. The “Russia Investigation” seems to be following this arc in some ways and in some ways it’s very different.

The “W” National Guard memo has a lot of similarity to the “dossier” since both came out late in a campaign for President. The contents were both plausible but could not be confirmed and the circumstances under which the documents came into existence were suspect. In both instances, the media twisted itself into knots trying to disprove any “proof” that the documents were hopelessly defective.

As an aside, I totally believe that G.W. had talked to his C.O. and they had a conversation along the lines of “I’m sitting on my butt not doing anything. Can I leave?” “No, you’d be AWOL.” “What happens if I’m AWOL?” “I have to write a letter which will go in crate never to be seen again.” “BYE!” Who could have ever thought back in 1973 that we’d have computers that might actually be able to find documents from that era?

The 60 Minutes story was aired on September 8, 2004 and by September 20 CBS had admitted that they’d misled that country and that it was inappropriate for CBS to have been in contact with the Kerry campaign. Much like the “dossier,” this was a blatant attempt to influence the election by the media with the involvement of the Democrat candidates.

We take it for granted now but in 2004, who could have imagined the power of the Internet to investigate the media’s overreach and lies in such a rapid and effective way? For perspective, realize Facebook had just started in 2004 and that Twitter won’t be founded for another two years. “Social media” wasn’t even a thing then.

The Democrats have a long history of inventing bizarre campaign opposition research and introducing it just before an election. In August 1991, Congressional Democratic leaders ordered a formal investigation into whether Ronald Reagan’s Presidential campaign made a deal with Iran in 1980 to delay the release of American hostages until after the election. Then President H.W. Bush was accused of flying to Paris on an SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. As Thomas Foley, Democrat and the House Speaker, famously said at the time “We have no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, but the seriousness of the allegations, and the weight of circumstantial information, compel an effort to establish the facts.”

A House investigative panel concluded in July 1992 that George H.W. Bush did not travel to Paris in 1980 to take part in any discussions aimed at asking Iran to delay the release of American hostages.

If Mr. Foley was alive today, he’d be a very proud man as “father” of the “dossier.”

There are, however, some significant differences. Largely these opposition research games were played totally on the political battlefield and when the election was over, these things were pretty well over as well.

In this instance, things have gotten way out of hand and the “dossier” morphed into a tool for use by the non-politicians who we now call the Deep State.

For years we used to say “there’s really no difference between Republicans and Democrats” and the Deep State was confident that things would pretty well go along as before. Sure there might be a difference emphasis on where and how the money was spent but it wasn’t a big deal particularly for folks with lots of time on the job. They’d seen it before and they’d see it again.

Donald Trump, however, was different. He was a threat. He promised change, a real reduction in government spending, real reductions in the size of government, and tackling of some very hard problems. He promised that he’d bring a CEO’s approach and that had to strike fear into the thousands of people who’ve never worked a day in the private sector.

Whatever their motivations, they’ve put us into uncharted waters. Rather than being good, clean, political fun, we’re in a situation where the Deep State has decided to play as well and, not only that, they’ve doubled and perhaps tripled down.

The question is “where does the Deep State go from here?” They can either totally commit to the removal of President Trump by any and all means or they can back down for the good of the country. My fear is that the people in the Deep State are literally meeting to make that decision as we speak.

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