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The Real State of the Union

Yes, The Donald hit the long ball on Tuesday night.

It was massively entertaining and pushed the persuasion-o-meter to 11.

As political theater it was all champagne and roses made even better by the long faces and constipated grimaces of the assembled Donks.

Definitely what Winning! looks like, up close and personal.


The Real State of the Union is somewhat different, as per two recent brilliant posts – one by Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness  and the other by Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish.

My Inner Optimist wants to embrace El Donaldo’s SOTU.

But to my Inner Pessimist (read: realist) the Hanson & Greenfield posts ring more true.

Without doing either author the justice their posts deserve, please allow Your Uncle Bruno to summarize in his own (thankfully abbreviated) Real State of the Union message:

The State of the Union is Not Good.

Not since James Buchanan reported similarly in the late 1850’s has there been such a divide between Americans.

And as in Buchanan’s day it is the Democrat Party pushing for de facto, and in some cases, actual, dissolution of the the Union’s bonds.

The Democrat Resistance is in open rebellion against the President of the United States and the country for which he stands.

He is, they say, illegitimate, treasonous and hateful.

And those are the nicest things they say.

For all practical purposes the state of California has essentially telegraphed it’s secession, nullifying federal laws they consider inconvenient or unjust.

Dozens of cities have similarly conveyed a similar sentiment thereby channeling John C. Calhoun’s talking points from the 1830’s.

It is not a geographic divide (although the disloyal archipelago resembles islands of defiant blue in a great sea of red) but is even more deeply a confederacy rooted in pop culture, academic elitism and a bizarre embrace of the alien at the expense of the familiar friend.

If the blood shed on a Virginia baseball diamond last summer was our Bleeding Kansas preview can a new and fearful Fort Sumter moment be far off?

The Resistance and the Democrats are playing chicken with a freight train.

For the sake of us all may they quickly regain their senses and blink.






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